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Update 3.0.104: New Module for Efficient Worker Transportation

Release 3.0.104 introduces a module for managing worker transportation costs.



We are excited to present the latest version of our application, Release 3.0.104, which introduces a significant new feature: a transportation module to handle the movement of workers to their shifts. This new module marks the beginning of a premium version of our application, bringing enhanced functionality and support. Let's take a closer look at what this update includes:

Transport Module

The new transportation module, launched with this release, addresses prices and wages for time spent traveling to a job. It represents the first stage of this comprehensive feature, with future extensions set to cover price by mileage and traveling expenses, such as paid tickets for public transport or other reimbursements.

New Features

  • Enhanced Banking Support: Worker's banking accounts now support local formatting, giving agencies the option to choose what banking formats to support.

  • Improved Client Portal UI: The client portal user interface is now more responsive and contains additional information in the company profile edit section.

  • Direct Wallet Access: You can now add money into a worker's wallet directly from the wallet records listing. This functionality streamlines a previously more cumbersome process.

Minor Fixes

  • SMS Functionality: Sending SMS to multiple workers using phone and messaging applications now works seamlessly on both iPhones and Android phones.

  • Redesigned "Back" Button: The registration form now features a newly stylized "Back" button for signing into the app, addressing confusion that occurred with these buttons.

  • Faster Job Addition: The job adding form now operates more swiftly when adding multiple shifts.

  • Language Pre-selection: When adding a new company, the agency's default language is pre-selected as the communication language in the form.

Bug Fixes

  • Manual Calculations: Fixed a bug where generating manually edited calculations was not working correctly. Manually edited items were not shown in the PDF.

  • Contact List Duplication: Addressed an issue where entire contact lists were duplicated when adding multiple shifts in job add.

  • Calculator Widget Display: Fixed a bug that prevented the calculator widget from being displayed in the batch payment listing.

  • Pricing Display: Resolved an issue where prices for effects were sometimes shown incorrectly in detailed billings.

This update, with its transportation module and array of improvements and fixes, marks a significant advancement in our application. We are committed to continuing to evolve and enhance our services to better serve your needs. Should you have any questions or require support with this release, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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