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Update 3.0.138: Enhanced Worker Management and Shift Scheduling

Release 3.0.138 adds worker export to CSV, 3rd party calendar integration and improved shift scheduling, refining your workforce management.



We are pleased to announce the release of version 3.0.138 of our software. This new version comes with an array of exciting features and bug fixes that are designed to optimize workflow and improve the overall user experience.

New Features

  • Export Workers Data: Users can now export workers' information into a CSV file, including their wallet balance and a list of active contracts. This feature enhances data portability and helps in keeping a comprehensive record.

  • Integration with 3rd Party Calendars: Contacts for a crew chief and a job supervisor are now exported to a 3rd party calendar. This seamless integration facilitates better scheduling and coordination.

  • Unapproved Profile Notification for Workers: If the agency requires a verified profile for signing up for a shift, workers will now see an info message notifying them that their profile is not yet approved. This provides clear communication of the sign-up requirements.

  • Enhanced "New Feedback" Email: The "New feedback" email has been updated to include the shift beginning date and time. This addition ensures that the relevant details are readily available to the recipient.

Bug Fixes

  • Cancelled Shifts Overlapping Issue: An issue where cancelled shifts were shown as overlapping if they overlapped with an opened shift has been resolved. This fix provides a more accurate representation of the schedule.

  • Hour Options for Team Closing Dialog: The range of hour options for departure in the team closing dialog now begins at the slot starting time, providing more logical and convenient options for users.

  • Worker Wages Calculation Fix: An error where worker wages for attending backup positions were calculated, including the wage for transport, has been corrected. This ensures accurate wage calculations without any unnecessary inclusions.

These enhancements and fixes are part of our ongoing commitment to provide the most reliable and efficient tools to our users. We strongly recommend updating to this latest version to benefit from these improvements. If you encounter any issues or have any questions regarding this update, please don't hesitate to contact our support team.

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