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Update 3.0.134: Worker Profile Timeline and Improved Attribute Management

Release 3.0.134 introduces worker profile timeline and optimizes company attribute settings, enhancing worker data tracking.



We are pleased to announce the latest software update, Version 3.0.134, focusing on enhancing various features and functionalities, including worker profile history, attribute management, and a series of critical bug fixes.

Worker Profile History Timeline

  • New Timeline: Similar to the order detail timeline, a new timeline is now accessible within the worker profile. This comprehensive view includes information about profile changes, new badges, ratings, contracts, and other profile-related events. For added administrative flexibility, the timeline can also incorporate private comments from administrators, complete with attachments.


New Features

  • Settings/Profile Attributes Filter Adjusted: The filter now works without specifying any profession, and newly created professions are automatically linked to all existing profile attributes.

  • Enhancements to Settings/Company Attributes Page: Added functionality with "Sorting" and "Hidden" columns, further enabling you to customize and manage company attributes.

Bug Fixes

  • Multiple Payout Requests: Admins now have the ability to open multiple payout requests for each type, such as adding multiple unpaid invoices for a specific worker.

  • Removed Unused Discount/Surcharge Field: The discount/surcharge field, an obsolete feature, was removed from the builder. The builder now overwrites prices from price lists, ensuring uniformity in the pricing structure.

  • Edit Feedback Dialog Title Correction: The edit feedback dialog now displays the proper title.

  • Fio Bank Payment Message Update: To prevent errors when sending payments to workers with non-Czech characters in their names, new special characters adjuster has been implemented.

  • Attendance Notification Time Window Fix: The attendance notification time window in Settings/Agency settings will no longer reposition itself.

  • Correct Display of Slovak Flag: The Slovak flag is now accurately rendered in the Slovak translation.

We remain committed to providing high-quality updates to ensure the best user experience. These improvements are a testament to our continuous efforts to refine and expand our software capabilities. Should you require any support or have questions about this update, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.

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