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Update 3.1.103: New Shift Closing Form & Enhanced Tag Editing in Job Details

Release 3.1.103 introduces a redesigned Shift closing form, editable tags in job details, and optimized job forms.



Release Date: November 29, 2023

We're excited to unveil the latest update, version 3.1.103, marking a significant leap in the usability and functionality of our platform. In this update, we focus on enhancing user experience with new features and refining existing functionalities. Here's what's new:

New Features

  • Revamped Shift Closing Form in Public Beta: The Shift closing form, a crucial component of our application, has undergone a major redesign. Now in public beta, this form boasts improved usability, a more appealing design, and solutions to known issues. While currently optimized for desktop use, mobile optimization will follow in our next release.

  • Direct Editable Tags in Job Detail: Enhancing flexibility in job management, tags can now be edited directly from the Job detail page. This update applies to both shift and position levels. Tags for individual positions are now always visible (if present at least one individual tag), and editing options include adding or removing tags from all positions at once.
  • Consistent Template for Calculations and Billings: In our ongoing effort to streamline processes, the detailed template for calculations and billings now includes the reimbursement category title. This change aligns the display with the Order detail page and invoice PDFs, ensuring consistency across the platform.

  • Global Attendance Watcher Customization: Administrators now have more control over notifications with the Global attendance watcher. This feature is divided into categories, allowing admins to select the types of notifications they wish to receive, such as invitation confirmations or rejections.

  • Optimized New Job Form: Creating and managing jobs is now more flexible and faster. The job form allows for individual editing of date and time, simplifying the process of copying shifts. Performance enhancements, especially in date and time components, ensure a smoother experience.


  • Resolved Batch Payment Generation Issue: We've addressed and fixed an occasional issue in generating batch payments, particularly when applying monthly contract payout limits.
  • Optimized Order Detail Page Performace: The order detail page now loads faster which enhances user experience mainly when working with larger orders.

With these updates, we continue our commitment to providing a more intuitive and efficient platform. We value your feedback and look forward to hearing your experiences with this latest version. For any assistance, please contact our support team.

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