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Update 3.2.8: Streamlined Contract Insights & Enhanced Agenda Visibility

Release 3.2.8 unveils payout limit visibility in contracts, integrates travel times in My agenda, supports meal penalties, and improves API error handling.



Release date: March 6, 2024

We're excited to announce the latest update, version 3.2.8. Our continuous effort is to enhance the functionality and user experience across our platform. This update brings pivotal features and improvements for both administrators and staff members. Here's what's new:

New Features

  • Enhanced Payout Limits Details: Visibility into payout limits is now available in the Contract details for both the Admin and Staff member portals, provided the payout method associated with the contract has some limits set. Staff members also see this limit in the Payout method selection dropdown when joining a shift. This improvement brings transparency and better financial planning capabilities for all parties involved.
  • Agenda Clarity with Transport & Travel Times: To improve day planning, transport meeting and travel times are now directly visible in "My Agenda", not just within the Shift details. This change aims to provide clear and immediate access to essential scheduling information for staff members.
  • Meal Penalties Support: We've introduced the ability to compensate for extended hours through meal penalties. When activated, this feature allows the addition of an extra item, chargeable to the client and payable to the staff member, for certain extra hours worked, clearly marked as "Meal penalty" in both calculations and the Staff member's wallet.
  • Public API Enhancements: The Public API has been upgraded to support validations for invalid filter parameters, streamlining error handling and simplifying API interactions.

Bug Fixes

  • Wage Percentage and Total in Wallet CSV Export: We've added a wage percentage column and total to the Wallet CSV export and the Wallet public API for improved financial tracking.
  • Company Tax Number Validation: The validation of Company Tax numbers has been refined, enhancing error handling in the Company form.
  • Shift Closing Form Improvements: The Shift closing form now consistently displays the attendance note across all attendance states, ensuring clarity and transparency.
  • Banking Integration: When using FIO banking, messages for recipients are now also copied as comments, streamlining communication.
  • Dashboard Performance: Addressed and fixed performance issues on the Dashboard in the Staff member portal, ensuring a smoother user experience.

With these updates, we continue our commitment to providing a platform that meets the evolving needs of our users. We appreciate your feedback and encourage you to reach out to our support team for any questions or assistance.

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