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Update 3.2: Introducing New Forms and Push Notifications in Update 3.2

Release 3.2 introduces redesigned forms and the first MVP of push notifications for enhanced communication and user experience.



Release Date: January 10, 2024

Embracing the Future with Redesigned Forms and Push Notifications

We are excited to announce the release of version 3.2, a significant step forward in our application's evolution. This update marks a pivotal transition as we begin to phase out the old frontend, replacing it with technologically advanced, easier-to-maintain forms. This transition to modern forms is not just a facelift; it's a strategic move towards a more efficient and user-friendly interface.

New Features

Revamped Forms: Moving Forward

  • OPT-OUT State: All newly introduced forms are now in the OPT-OUT state, signaling the start of a gradual transition. The old forms will eventually be phased out, making way for these improved versions.

Innovative Push Notifications: Enhancing Communication

  • First MVP Release: We're rolling out the first MVP of push notifications. This feature supports both mobile and desktop devices, offering a new avenue for instant communication with staff.
  • Two New Communication Channels:
    • Push Notification: Direct, immediate notifications to your device.
    • Smart Channel: Prefers push notifications but defaults to SMS if the user is not subscribed.
  • Customizable and Automated Notifications: Send custom text notifications and automate notifications for staff invitations, sign-ins, and sign-outs.
  • Growing List of Notifications: Expect the range of push notifications to expand in future updates.
  • Web Push API Technology: Utilizes Web Push API for seamless delivery of notifications to client browsers, enhancing the mobile web experience.
  • Apple Device Integration: For Apple devices, add the app to your home screen via Safari to enable push notifications. Adding the app to the home screen creates a feeling of having a native application installed and while it is also possible on Android devices, it is not required there in order to be able to subscribe to push notifications.

Contact our support team to activate this feature if it's included in your package.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved Attribute Approvals: Attribute values, including galleries, are now directly displayed in the table, resolving a bug with slideshow displays.
  • Job Form Fix: The issue of an empty job note appearing after job creation has been addressed.
  • Admin Portal Profile Picture Upload: Enhanced file size validation and error messaging for profile picture uploads.
  • Shift Filtering: When having a rating requirement with percentage part set on, this requirement is now no longer considered when filtering "Available only" shifts. This behavior caused some shifts to not be shown for some users even when they were eligible for the shift (not meeting the rating requirements, but filling up the part of the position where the requirements are not required by the percentage).

  • Worker Portal Attributes Block: Resolved an issue where the profile block appeared empty when all attributes are hidden.

  • Shift Closing Form: Minor issues in the shift closing form have been fixed.

This release is a testament to our commitment to improving user experience and operational efficiency. We eagerly anticipate your feedback and are here to assist with any queries or support needs regarding this update.

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