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Enhance Your Non-Profit's Impact with OnSinch

Optimize your non-profit with OnSinch: streamline operations, improve volunteer management, and make a greater impact in your community.



Non-profit organizations face numerous challenges in coordinating projects, managing volunteers, and making a meaningful impact on their communities. With the right technology, however, these organizations can streamline their operations, engage volunteers more effectively, and ultimately better serve those in need. OnSinch is here to help.

A Powerful Tool for Non-Profit Organizations

OnSinch is a comprehensive platform designed to facilitate efficient coordination of projects and volunteers within non-profit organizations. Its robust set of features includes volunteer self-registration, centralized database management, volunteer portal, and smart rating and achievement badge system, among others.

OnSinch is committed to making a positive impact by directing help where it is needed most. Recognizing the potential of their technology to significantly improve the Czech non-profit sector, OnSinch offers a generous 50% discount on their platform license for effective coordination of projects and volunteers for non-profit organizations.

Nationwide Volunteer Portal

We're proud to play an active role in the development of the nationwide volunteer portal This user-friendly portal allows volunteers to easily find and connect with current inquiries from non-profit organizations, making it easier than ever for volunteers to find opportunities

Through providing a central hub for volunteer opportunities, OnSinch aims to modernize the entire non-profit sector and ensure that assistance in everyday life and critical situations is quick, easy, and effective.

An Invaluable Tool for the Czech Red Cross

One of the many organizations that have benefitted from implementing OnSinch is the Czech Red Cross. By streamlining their volunteer registration and onboarding processes, creating a centralized database, and enhancing the volunteer experience, OnSinch has enabled the Czech Red Cross to focus on delivering critical services and making a positive impact on the communities they serve.

Get Started with OnSinch Today

Don't miss out on the chance to modernize your non-profit organization's operations and create more meaningful connections with your volunteers. Get started with OnSinch today and discover how their powerful platform can help you achieve your mission and better serve your community.


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