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Update 3.2.24: Attendance Dashboard Widget & Enhanced Performance

Release 3.2.24 introduces a live attendance dashboard widget, enhanced invoice exports, and significant performance improvements.



Release date: June 26, 2024

New Features

  • Attendance Overview Dashboard Widget: Stay on top of daily attendance with the new dashboard widget. This feature provides real-time statistics, enabling administrators to monitor current day attendance effortlessly.
  • Invoice CC Email in Company Export: Exporting company data now includes the option to add CC emails for invoices.
  • Order Audit Events: Order audits now log events for canceling, un-canceling, closing, and un-closing orders. This enhances transparency and traceability in order management.
  • Performance Improvements: We've implemented another round of performance enhancements to ensure a smoother and faster application experience.
  • Removal of Old Company Form: The outdated company form has been removed.
  • QA Enhancements: Our ongoing QA improvements continue to refine and polish the application.
  • Enhanced Attendance Overview PDF Configuration: The "with contacts" attendance overview now includes advanced configuration options for better customization.

Bug Fixes

  • Job History Records: Fixed missing records in job history to ensure complete and accurate historical data.
  • Empty Shifts/Positions Page Filtering: Resolved issues with filtering on the empty shifts page.
  • Onsite Presence for Admins: Fixed the onsite presence issue for admins when the clock-in setting is restricted to shifts without a lead worker.
  • Admin Role Removal Redirect: Corrected the redirect issue that occurred after removing an admin from an agency when the admin had no other user roles.

With these updates, we continue our commitment to delivering an efficient and user-friendly platform. As always, your feedback is invaluable, so please feel free to reach out with any questions or suggestions.

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