OnSinch digitizes volunteering with the new project Vlna pomoci

OnSinch digitizes volunteering with the new project Vlna pomoci

June 23, 2021

Vlna pomoci is a non-profit initiative that digitizes volunteering and connects non-profit organizations with volunteers. We are honored to be its main partner and guarantor.

We direct help where it is needed

We want to change things for the better and we know that our technologies can really improve the Czech non-profit sector. That’s why we launched Vlna pomoci with other enthusiasts. As part of the project, we provide non-profit organizations with a 50% discount on the OnSinch license for effective coordination of projects and volunteers.

Volunteering in one place

For over half a year, we also participated in the development of the nationwide volunteer portal vlnapomoci.cz, where you can easily find current inquiries from non-profit organizations. Our ambition is to modernize the entire non-profit sector so that assistance in everyday life and critical situations is quick, easy and effective.

Many thanks to the whole OnSinch team, and partners Shameless, Seznam.cz, Czech Red Cross, Your Hero, AK Slaninová Vokál, HESTIA, ADison and others!

The main guarantor of the project is the Czech Red Cross. Non-profits Asistence, Letokruh, Ji.hlava, Regionální dobrovolnické centrum and many others also took part.

More information:
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Do you also want to get involved, whether as a non-profit, volunteer or partner? Contact us!

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