Meet Our Crew

Crewchiefs / Management

Co-founder & CEO

David Suslik 

With experience co-founding and building Shameless into a leading European stagehand company, he co-founded OnSinch to tackle event industry challenges.

In his free time, David is combining his passion and expertise to construct spectacular stages with pyrotechnics and realistic elements.

Co-founder & CTO

Petr Jaroš 

Petr brings a knack for problem solving to his role as CTO at OnSinch, managing the platform's technical operations with a deep understanding of tech and business.

Petr enjoys tinkering with new technologies, going gravel bikepacking and playing games of any kind.

Partner & Dev Lead / Product Owner

Jan Pešek 

Leading the Development team at OnSinch, Jan has a robust software engineering foundation from Charles University and a distinct entrepreneurial spirit.

Jan regularly seeks opportunities for personal development, engaging with the newest developments in technology and leadership.

Promoters / Marketing and Communications

Markéta Doherty


Office & HR

Nikol Zimová


Promoters / Sales

Head of Sales

Vendula Dedková

Volunteering & Non-profit Organisations

Míša Rýgrová


Sales Representative

Oliver Sedláček


Junior Sales Representative

Andre Hoy


Crowd Control / Support and Onboarding

Head of Support and Onboarding

Veronika Rezková

Support and Onboarding Manager

Cyril Poliačik

Technicians / Development 

Frontend Technical Owner

Jakub Lehovec

Backend Developer

Aleš Růžička


(Senior) Backend Developer

Mikuláš Veselý