Cut down on admin time and put more into giving back

OnSinch is suitable for Non-Profit organizations of all sizes! Choose from one of our pricing packages based on your needs starting from only €70  a month.



OnSinch Pricing - starter


Per month*

A small package of great things. 

up to 500 volunteers

Unlimited projects
1 administrator
1 Language
Email support

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  • Pink-tick Self-Registration for Volunteers
  • Pink-tick Shift/Activity Scheduling and Coordination
  • Pink-tick Attendance Check
  • Pink-tick Volunteer Calendar Synchronisation
  • Pink-tick Customisable Dashboard
  • Pink-tick Fully Customisable Exports
  • Pink-tick Volunteer Portal
  • Pink-tick Volunteer Database
  • Pink-tick Volunteer Contracts
  • Pink-tick Volunteer Feedback
  • Pink-tick Certificate Expiration Check
  • Pink-tick Automatic Volunteer Profile Hibernation
  • Pink-tick Clients/Organizations Database
  • Pink-tick Customisable Notifications
  • Pink-tick Newsletters
  • Pink-tick Google Maps Integration
  • Pink-tick History & Comments (Audit Trail)
  • Pink-tick Rating system
  • Pink-tick Shift/Activity & Project Exports
  • Pink-tick Customisable Volunteer Attributes


OnSinch - Grow


Per month*

Ideal for medium size organizations.

up to 2,500 volunteers

Unlimited projects
10 administrators
Multiple Languages
Email + video support


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All Features

  • Pink-tick Public API
  • Pink-tick Volunteer Restriction List
  • Pink-tick Onsite Presence
  • Pink-tick Achievement Badges
  • Pink-tick Hiring Referral System
  • Pink-tick Composite Card
  • Pink-tick Client/Organization Access Roles
  • Pink-tick Google and Facebook Registrations
  • Pink-tick Transport Module
  • Pink-tick Twilio SMS Gateway Integration
  • Pink-tick Automatic SMS Shift Reminders
  • Pink-tick Volunteer Phone Number Verification
  • Pink-tick Client/Organization Portal
  • Pink-tick Meta Pixel and Google Tag


OnSinch - business

Tailored solution

A complete custom package for large organizations.

Unlimited Volunteers

Unlimited projects
Unlimited admins
Multiple Languages
Email + video support
Dedicated support manager

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Individual approach 

  • Pink-tick Live Training Sessions
  • Pink-tick Integration Assistance
  • Pink-tick Customised Video Tutorials
  • Pink-tick Data Migration Assistance
  • Pink-tick API Support
  • Pink-tick Onsite Training
  • Pink-tick Custom Reporting
  • Pink-tick Optimization Audits
  • Pink-tick Post-Project Evaluation & Reporting
  • Pink-tick Project & Volunteer Management Consulting


* Additional features, administrators, volunteers, and more can be added according to your needs. For prices see the list below.

Price list of additional items

Missing something important in the selected price plan? No worries! Every plan can be fine-tuned with additional items.

Administrator users €30 per user/month

Volunteers €20 per 1000 extra volunteers/month

Features €10 per feature/month

Additional Languages €20 per language/month

Phone and video support €60/month

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