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Shifts at Their Fingertips

Reduce your administrative workload. Notify staff through our mobile-friendly app about new open shifts, enabling them to self-register in an instant. 

Drag, Drop, Done

With intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, our calendar scheduler allows for quick adjustments and easy management of complex schedules.

Over 85,000 staff members and 4 million hours scheduled
Calendar Scheduler

Visualise and Save Your Own Popular Calendar Views

Easily plan and visualise your entire team's schedule with just a few clicks. Tailor the scheduler to your needs and easily switch between saved views to further speed up your workflow and boost efficiency.

Open Shifts and Self-Registration

Empower Staff with Flexible Self-Registration

Manually schedule shifts or allow staff to self-register on a first-come, first-served basis, provided they meet specific criteria. Boost satisfaction by granting staff autonomy and reduce administrative workload.

Attendance and Time Tracking

Check-in and Check-out with Geolocation 

Seamlessly manage clock-ins and clock-outs to ensure accurate attendance records. Our Attendance and Time Tracking system offers straightforward timekeeping for efficient payroll management.

iCal & Google Cal Synchronization

Synchronize Staff Calendars

Sync work schedules directly with personal calendars. Our Staff Calendar Synchronisation feature keeps everyone aligned, minimizing scheduling conflicts and enhancing attendance reliability.

Google Maps Integration

Control Your Locations with GPS Precision

Utilize precise GPS location data to optimize shift assignments. Our Google Maps Integration enhances scheduling by factoring in staff proximity to work sites, ensuring efficient and strategic shift planning.

Shift & Project Grouping

Optimize Complex Projects with Group Scheduling

OnSinch simplifies shift management by allowing grouping for multi-day or split shifts, enabling staff to apply for entire projects at once while you still have the flexibility to manage each aspect separately.

Efficient Break Planning

Simplify Break Scheduling & Ensure Compliance

Use our visual break planner to schedule multiple breaks or various types within a single shift, specifying start and end times for quick and compliant planning.

Standby Staff Lists

Ready for the Unexpected with Standby Scheduling 

Prepare for any unexpected last-minute changes by having standby staff ready. This feature ensures uninterrupted operations, no matter what comes your way.


Get more with the right tool

Say goodbye to multi-channel communications, endless back-tracking, and the torturous game of ever-changing scheduling. Master the art of shift planning with OnSinch today.

Smart Rating System

Rate and review staff performance for each job. Automate feedback based on punctuality and attendance or customize your own approach.

Job and Shift Tags

Organize and categorize jobs with customizable tags or simply create automated descriptions for different clients, locations, or events.

Staff Availability Check

Tired of wasting precious hours checking staff availability? OnSinch is the perfect app to find out your staff´s availability in one click.

Recurring Jobs Creator

Create and easily manage daily, weekly, or monthly recurring jobs for your teams. No more repetitive manual scheduling.

Large Events Management

OnSinch is the perfect solution for any complex, large-scale event planning. With bulk editing, you can control and change a variety of positions at once.

No Shows Tracking

Track attendance through lead staff or individual workers check-ins to minimize time spent on managing absences.

Working Hours Limitations

Set and assign working hours and payment limits by contract type. OnSinch will automatically check compliance for you.

Multiple Scheduling Filters

Enjoy our worker/client/shift scheduling filters and daily/weekly/bi-weekly/monthly views. Managing events has never been easier.

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OnSinch automates everyday processes in an all-in-one single application always accessible online.

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Flexible Pricing

A fixed monthly fee or pay-as-you-go model. OnSinch is suitable for businesses of all sizes, starting at €200 a month.

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What is OnSinch?

OnSinch is a workforce management software that simplifies scheduling, communication, and payroll processing for businesses. It offers features like shift scheduling, time tracking, leave management, and real-time communication, making it easier for businesses to manage their workforce.

What types of businesses use OnSinch?

OnSinch is suitable for various types of businesses, including but not limited to retail, festival & event organisers, stage crews, caterers, hospitality, healthcare, logistics, and security services. It is designed to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Can I access OnSinch from my mobile device?

Absolutely, OnSinch offers a mobile web app accessible from any device, allowing you to access OnSinch anywhere, at any time. The web app provides all  features like shift scheduling, time tracking, and communication, ensuring smooth workforce management even when you're on the go.

How does the Calendar Scheduler help manage staff schedules?

The Calendar Scheduler allows admins to view and manage staff schedules in a calendar format. It provides a clear overview of staff availability, time off, and shift assignments. Staff members can also view their schedules and confirm attendance.

What is Open Shift/Self-Registration?

Open Shift/Self-Registration enables staff members to sign up for open shifts that match their qualifications and availability. This feature empowers staff to manage their schedules while giving admins flexibility in filling open shifts.

How does OnSinch track staff attendance and time?

OnSinch uses various methods to track staff attendance and time, such as self check-in, manual sign-in/sign-out, and automatic time tracking via the mobile app. Time tracking data is used for wage and invoice calculations.

Can staff members sync their OnSinch calendar with their personal calendar?

Yes, staff members can sync their OnSinch calendar with their personal calendar using a standardized connecting link compatible with apps like Google Calendar or iCal.

How does Google Maps Integration benefit staff scheduling?

Google Maps Integration allows for accurate location-based scheduling, travel time estimation, and route planning, ensuring efficient staff allocation and minimizing travel costs.

What is Shift/Project Grouping?

Shift/Project Grouping organizes shifts into projects or categories, making it easier for admins to manage and staff members to understand their assignments.

How does OnSinch handle multiple breaks management?

OnSinch allows admins to set up and manage multiple breaks for staff members, ensuring compliance with labor laws and providing a clear overview of break schedules.

What is Standby Scheduling?

Standby Scheduling allows admins to assign staff members as "on-call" or "standby" for last-minute shift coverage or unexpected needs. Standby staff can be notified and assigned to shifts as needed.

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