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Automated Payroll Tracking

Configure custom pay rates for each shift and let the software handle payroll tracking for you. Use our clock-in and clock-out feature to ensure salaries are calculated automatically. 

Billing and Invoicing Software

Allow your finance team and temporary staff to manage the invoicing process directly within the application. Establish custom billing rates for each shift and send automatically calculated invoices.

Over 85,000 staff members and 4 million hours scheduled
Invoice Automation

Calculate & Generate Invoices 

Leverage our billing rates and auto-calculation features to save time and effort. With automatic calculations and invoice generation at your fingertips, managing invoices, proformas, and credit notes has never been easier.

Cost-Reimbursement System

Submit Expenses via the Staff App

Enable your staff to upload receipt photos for each job and track the approval and payment status of each claim directly from their accounts. Effortlessly incorporate these expenses into the project's total costs.

Attendance and Time Tracking

Efficient Time Tracking with Geolocation 

Effortlessly manage clock-ins and clock-outs to ensure precise attendance records. Our Attendance and Time Tracking system provides straightforward timekeeping solutions for efficient payroll management.

Calculations and Price Quotes

One-Click Quotes for Any Size Event

Whether it's a one-day project, a 6-month roadshow, or a festival, OnSinch provides customized templates designed for projects of any size or type, enabling swift calculations and billing with just one click.

Overtimes, Nighthours and Holidays

Smart Payroll for Complex Schedules

Implement a variety of pay and charge rules with prioritization to automatically calculate salaries and billing rates for holidays, night shifts, weekends, and more. Say goodbye to manual errors and inefficiencies.

Fully Customizable Exports

Save Your Custom Templates 

With OnSinch, you can fully customize your exports. Select the desired data, arrange columns with a simple drag-and-drop feature, and save multiple templates for future use, streamlining your workflow and saving time.

Electronic Staff Wallet

Benefit from Transparent Record-Keeping 

The Staff Wallet makes it easy to keep track of earnings and payouts, ensuring both parties have a transparent and precise record of all financial transactions.


Get more with the right tool

Effortlessly automate invoicing, payroll, and complex calculations. Provide critical financial insights to enhance confidence among your clients and employees.

Payroll Reporting

Track staff hours, wages, and deductions. Plus, you can generate detailed reports to stay on top of all your payroll needs.

Detailed Audit Logs

Eliminate any uncertainty about workers' actions. Get a detailed record of every action taken for full transparency and accountability.

Working Hours Limitations

Define specific working hours and payment limits for each contract type, then assign them to workers. OnSinch handles compliance for you.

Payroll Per Job

Gain critical financial insights with the automatic calculation of expected payroll for each project, alongside revenues and margins.

Invoice Reminders

Set up and schedule automatic reminders for unpaid invoices at various frequencies, based on each client's solvency.

API & Integrations

No more worrying about manual data entry and double-checking calculations. Use our open API to integrate with your existing solution.

Multiple Pay Rates

Configure multiple hourly pay rates for different clients and positions. Implement a minimum guarantee for short shifts for fair compensation.

Reports and Summaries

Access and analyze exports, reports, and comprehensive statistics. Use in-depth revenue summaries to make your data-driven decisions.

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Flexible Pricing

A fixed monthly fee or pay-as-you-go model. OnSinch is suitable for businesses of all sizes, starting at €200 a month.

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What is OnSinch?

OnSinch is a workforce management software that simplifies scheduling, communication, and payroll processing for businesses. It offers features like shift scheduling, time tracking, leave management, and real-time communication, making it easier for businesses to manage their workforce.

What types of businesses use OnSinch?

OnSinch is suitable for various types of businesses, including but not limited to retail, festival & event organisers, stage crews, caterers, hospitality, healthcare, logistics, and security services. It is designed to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises.

Can I access OnSinch from my mobile device?

Yes, OnSinch offers a mobile web app accessible from any device, allowing you to access OnSinch anywhere, at any time. The web app provides all  features like shift scheduling, time tracking, and communication, ensuring smooth workforce management even when you're on the go.

How does OnSinch automate invoice creation?

OnSinch automatically generates invoices based on shift details, including work hours, rates, and calculated wages. You can customize invoice templates, add line items, and manage settings in the Invoice management section.

Can OnSinch handle complex financial calculations for my business?

Absolutely, OnSinch provides tools for financial assessments and quoting. You can set up custom calculations, use templates, and include additional charges as needed.

How does OnSinch manage staff payments and financial transactions?

OnSinch offers a Staff Wallet feature to manage payments and transactions for staff members. Admins can add wages, bonuses, reimbursements, and deductions, ensuring clear records and easy payout processing.

How does OnSinch handle expense claims and reimbursements?

OnSinch allows staff members to request reimbursements for work-related expenses. Admins can review, approve, and process reimbursements in the Reimbursements section.

Can OnSinch manage overtime, night hours, and holiday pay?

Yes, OnSinch supports payroll adjustments for overtime, night hours, and holiday pay. You can set custom rules and rates for these scenarios in the Wagelists section.

How can I export financial data in formats that suit my needs?

OnSinch allows you to customize exports for financial data. You can choose formats, filters, and details to match your requirements in the Exports section. We also have a public API that allows you to work with your data with your preferred systems.

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