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Update 3.1.86: Internal Order Name Search and Enhanced API Data Validation

Release 3.1.86 enables internal order name search, API data validation, and enhanced error messaging.



Release date: August 2, 2023

We are excited to bring you another update to our software with version 3.1.86. The new features, API enhancements, and bug fixes in this version will facilitate your daily operations, allowing you to work more efficiently and effectively. Let's dive into the details.

New Features

  • Enhanced Order Name Visibility: Internal order names are now displayed directly in the order lists. You can search for these names using full text in the order list pages, or using an exact match in the uber search.

  • Validations for Effect Options: We've added validations for options within effects, eliminating the possibility of saving invalid values that could cause errors when attaching effects to positions.

Public API

  • New Endpoint for Shift Creation: We have added a new endpoint for creating shifts. As a part of this change, we have introduced a new attribute, "request_approval", and removed the status attribute.

  • Inclusion of Attendance Notes: Attendance notes can now be included in the Attendance endpoint, allowing for more comprehensive attendance records.

  • Validation of Agency Invoice Address: We've added a validation check for the existence of the agency invoice address to prevent the API from crashing when an invalid ID is provided.

  • Improved Input Data Validation: An additional layer of input data validation for POST and PATCH requests has been added. If invalid data is provided, the server will now return an HTTP 400 error code along with a message explaining what went wrong.

Bug Fixes

  • Profit Calculation Correction: A bug in the gross profit calculation in the TOP companies statistics page has been fixed, ensuring accurate and reliable data.

  • Paginator Parameter Validation: The application no longer crashes when invalid parameters are provided to the paginator. Instead, it provides a user-friendly message explaining the issue.

  • Pro Forma Invoice Validation: We've added a validation check to the total price in pro forma invoices, preventing the application from crashing when an invalid value is input.

We believe these improvements will significantly enhance your experience with our software. As always, please reach out to our customer service team if you have any questions or require support with this update.

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