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Update 3.1.47: Enhanced Shift Lock Function and Navigation

Release 3.1.47 features an improved lock function for shifts and a more intuitive navigation for staff. Also introduces manual order date setting.



Release date: September 27, 2022

We are excited to share with you the enhancements and fixes made in our latest software release 3.1.47. Please note that this update includes significant functionality changes that may alter the existing behavior of the system. Here are the important details of this release:

Functionality Changes

  • Shift Locking Policy: The lock function now prevents users from signing off from a locked shift, extending its previous use that only barred sign-ins. Please note, this is a change in system behavior, and users can no longer sign off a locked shift.

New Features

  • Manual Order Date: For orders without any shifts, it is now possible to manually set an 'order happening date'. This date is then displayed in filters, tables, and other areas of the system. Previously, such orders defaulted to the date of creation.

  • Improved Navigation: We have enhanced the navigation for live attendance and shift closure for staff. Shift cards now contain a labeled button, and clicking on the card always opens the shift detail for better clarity and ease of use.

Bug Fixes

  • Applicant Export: Rejected applicants are now excluded from the exports of applicants for shifts and jobs, providing cleaner, more relevant data.

  • Shift Search: When searching for shifts in the attendance list page, the search is now confined to the selected job (if any), refining the results to your specific needs.

  • CSV Exports: Profile and personal attributes of the Yes/No type are now shown as 'Yes/No' in the CSV exports, replacing the previous numeric '1/0' display for easier understanding.

  • Wage Display: The previously missing wage information for transport has been added to the staff portal.

  • Profile Attribute Saving: We have resolved issues pertaining to profile attribute saving for a smoother and more efficient user experience.

We hope these updates will greatly improve your experience with our software. We appreciate your continuous support and invite you to reach out to our customer service team for any questions or further assistance.

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