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Update 3.1.43: Streamlined Staff Search and Reimbursement Filter

Release 3.1.43 adds new staff filter options, enhances the payments export dialog, and introduces a shift filter for the reimbursement page.



Release date: August 31, 2022

We are pleased to announce the availability of software update 3.1.43. The release incorporates new features and bug fixes aimed at enhancing your user experience and making the software more efficient. Here's an overview of the changes:

New Features

  • Customizable Export Dialog: A new customizable export dialog has been introduced to the Payments export. This offers you the flexibility to customize your export parameters according to your needs.

  • Staff Filter: We've added a new staff filter to help you search for staff based on their last login activity. The filters "Last logged in before" and "Last logged in between" can assist in tracking staff that hasn't signed in within a specified period of time.

  • Improved Invoice Download Button: The download button on the client invoice download page now differentiates between an invoice and a credit note, where previously it always stated "Download invoice".

  • Reimbursement Page Update: We've added a shift filter to the reimbursement page to help streamline the management of shift-related expenses.

  • Automatic Updates in Builder: Now, newly created items in the builder are automatically updated to match the beginning and end of the shift. A warning will be issued to the admin if the transport date deviates significantly from the shift date.

  • Minor UI Improvements: We've improved the user interface of the shift detail widgets in the staff portal. For instance, the buttons that previously pointed to "Record attendance" and "Log off message" now display "Can no longer sign off" after the time limit.

Bug Fixes

  • History Timeline Viewport Issue: We've fixed the issue where the viewport would jump when opening changes in the History timeline, leading to an improved and smoother navigation experience.

  • Invoice Amount Calculation Fix: Errors that were occurring while calculating invoiced amounts into foreign currency inside the invoice reminder emails have been fixed, resulting in more accurate financial reporting.

  • Facebook Messenger In-App Browser Fix: We've rectified the problems that were occurring when the staff portal was opened directly in the Facebook Messenger in-app browser.

  • Onsite Presence Visual Bugs: The visual glitches that users were experiencing in the onsite presence have been fixed, leading to a smoother, more visually coherent user experience.

We continue to value your support and encourage you to reach out to our customer service team should you need any assistance with this update.

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