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Update 3.1.34: Reimbursement Payouts, Bulk Rating Feature, Enhanced Staff Filter

Release 3.1.34 includes the option for varied reimbursement payouts, provides a feature for bulk rating of staff, and enhances the staff filter.



Release date: June 29, 2022

We are excited to announce the release of version 3.1.34 of our software. This update comes with both new features that enhance the capabilities of the system and bug fixes that resolve several existing issues. Below is a detailed overview:

New Features

Reimbursement Payouts:

  • Payout Method Expansion: Payout methods can now be used for reimbursement payouts. Simply select "Use for reimbursement" in the payout method settings, and during reimbursement approval, this payout method will be pre-selected as the default. The option to change it manually to the original reimbursement payout remains available.


Staff List Enhancements:

  • Rating Addition for Multiple Workers: You now have the function to add ratings to multiple workers within the Staff list page.


  • New Appointment Attendee Filter: A filter for appointment attendees has been added to the Staff list page, with a direct link to the pre-filtered page available on the Appointment detail page. Note that the filter does not include individuals who have signed up but did not attend.
  • Graph and Scroll Enhancements: The "Size of positions by days" graph now includes a filter for roles, and an infinite scroll feature has been added to the attendance list in the attendance builder within the worker profile preview.

3.1.34b (1)

  • Advanced Staff Filtering: The staff filter now allows for filtering by multiple orders, jobs, and shifts. This is designed to provide an overview of how workers are booked within the timeline view, particularly when filtering multiple consecutive orders.

Staff Portal Updates:

  • Profession Setting Visibility: The profession setting is now hidden in the staff portal profile settings if the staff has no selectable profession options.

Bug Fixes

  • Loading Indication Added: The missing loading indication in the builder when canceling and restoring shifts or positions has been addressed.
  • Sorting Issues Resolved: Problems with sorting by rating and applicant status in the applicant list have been fixed.
  • Timepicker Enhancements: Timepickers in the shift closing from the staff portal within the "Bulk edit" modal dialog now contain information about duration and are restricted to begin one hour before the shift meeting time.
  • Missing Information Added: Information about permanent stay duration within the staff profile in the staff portal has been added.
  • Preferred Address Update Fixed: The issues related to updating the preferred address (where GPS coordinates were not stored for the resident's address in certain situations) have been resolved.

This new release emphasizes usability, flexibility, and efficiency. We strongly encourage all users to take advantage of these improvements. For any inquiries or support, please reach out to our customer service team.

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