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Update 3.0.98: Improved Builder Tools & Enhanced PDF Document Customization

Release 3.0.98 optimizes builder functionality, introduces comprehensive PDF customization, and presents a new shift duplication feature.



We are thrilled to announce another significant update for our software, version 3.0.98. With a blend of innovative features and critical bug fixes, we are taking our commitment to provide a seamless user experience to the next level. Here's what's new:

New Features

  • Advanced Shift Replication: Admins can now use the "Create multiple copies with date recurrence" function on shifts. This function allows easy replication of one shift to various dates, featuring a customizable repeat pattern. For instance, copy a shift to every workday or to a select set of dates from the calendar. Access this feature either by right-clicking on a chosen shift or via the yellow dropdown in the builder tree header.


  • Enhanced Builder Functionality:

    • The builder now facilitates the selection of all nodes found through the search bar simultaneously. Look for the new green button next to the search field to select entities such as shifts named similarly.
    • When it comes to selecting nodes in the builder, new context menu options have been added (accessible via a right mouse button click). For instance, you can now choose all crew chief positions from a specific job.


  • Document CMS: PDFs now have a new page titled "Document CMS," which replaces the former "Invoice CMS." Additionally, the customization options for each document type have been expanded.

  • Unified Templates: Billing, calculation, and quotation templates have been unified for streamlined use.

  • Streamlined Contact Addition: Adding a new contact is now done through a modal dialog, allowing users to differentiate between re-using an existing contact or establishing a new one. This process helps avoid unintended duplicate contact creation and aligns with the behavior of adding new places or wallet tags.

  • New Payout Method: A new payout method named "payer of VAT" has been introduced. This method includes a percentage of VAT as an additional amount in the payout.

  • Builder Warning: A warning has been added in the builder for saving shifts that are marked as finished but whose starting date is in the future.

Minor Fixes

  • Time Notation: Time notation is now standardized, omitting superfluous zeros at the end.

  • Payout Methods: Inactive payout methods are now deactivated for shift sign-ups.

  • Bug Fixes:

    • Resolved a bug related to ratings without an effective date, which previously might lead to incorrect wage calculations for shifts.
    • Enhanced the responsive tables for smaller screens on the invoice page.
    • Rectified a bug that resulted in personal attribute duplication.
    • Addressed an issue concerning the uploading of files into personal attributes from the worker profile.

We continue to enhance our platform based on your feedback and the evolving needs of our user base. As always, should you need any further information or assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team.

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