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Update 3.0.96: Advanced Shift Search & Case-Insensitive Tag Addition

Release 3.0.96 expands shift search capabilities, refines tag creation, and introduces notification customization options.



We are excited to announce the availability of version 3.0.96, released with enhancements and fixes to augment your workflow. Below are the specifics of the update:

New Features

  • Enhanced Fulltext Search Capabilities: Search functionality in upcoming, passed, and running shifts, as well as in shifts ready to be closed and empty slots pages, has been expanded. You can now search by the name of a supervisor, crewboss contact name, or IDs of a shift, job, or order. For instance, you can search "R15487" in the "Empty shifts" page to list all empty shifts from that order on one page, or search for a supervisor's name in "Upcoming shifts" to view all opened shifts of a given supervisor.

  • Improved Wallet Tag Handling: The process of adding wallet tags is now case-insensitive. Additionally, when creating a new tag, a label "Create new tag" appears, preventing confusion about whether you are using an existing tag or creating a new one.

  • Notification Control for Admins: Admins now have the ability to turn off notifications about unblocking a worker profile, providing greater customization and control over alert settings.

Minor Fixes

  • Account Activation and Password Setup: Manually created workers receiving an email with a link to activate their account can now set up a new password right away, improving the registration process.

  • Form for Adding Payouts Updated: The form for adding payouts no longer checks for whole numbers in addition to the original amount. Instead, users can input any number, possibly with a decimal point, allowing for greater flexibility.

  • Editing Pricelist Made Easier: A new button has been added to allow for editing the pricelist directly from the pricelist view, streamlining the editing process.

  • Enhancements to Price and Wage Settings: The default value of price and wage in the builder is now loaded when unchecking the "Pricelist price"/"Wagelist wage" checkbox. Moreover, empty values in prices and wages setting in the builder are now automatically saved as zero, eliminating potential errors.

This release continues our commitment to providing powerful and user-friendly software. We recommend updating at your earliest convenience to take advantage of these enhancements. Should you encounter any issues or require support, our customer service team is readily available to assist you.

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