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Update 3.0.144: Enhanced Worker Geo-location Search

Release 3.0.144 introduces a new feature allowing admins to search for workers using preferred work locations, improving the worker profile utility.



We are excited to announce the latest software update 3.0.144, featuring enhancements to the worker profile and several important bug fixes. The updates focus on improving the user experience, especially in worker management and addressing some of the past issues. Here's what's new:

New Features

Geo-location Search for Workers

Workers can now be located using the geo-location search based on their preferred work locations. This new feature is integrated into the worker profile, allowing workers to specify addresses (typically cities) where they are available to work. They can opt to use their residential address or location address as their desired work location, and they can add any number of additional addresses.

In the worker filter, administrators can find a new field called "Preferred work location," where they can enter an address and specify a radius in kilometers. The search will then find all available workers within the given radius. This feature adds flexibility for both workers and employers, making the workforce management more efficient and customizable.

Bug Fixes

  • Worker Filter Timeline View: An issue with the worker filter timeline view has been fixed, particularly when using the time availability interval (e.g., when using the magnifier button from the job detail).

  • Client Click on Shift Detail: A bug that affected client click on the shift detail from the dashboard has been resolved.

  • Improved FIO Banking Error Display: The display of FIO banking errors has been enhanced, providing clearer insights into any issues that may arise.

  • Night Effect in Old Jobs: The night effect in old jobs without set pricelists has been fixed, addressing inconsistencies and bringing uniformity to job listings.

We firmly believe that these new features and bug fixes will contribute to a smoother, more intuitive experience with our software. As always, we are committed to your success and stand ready to support you with any questions or concerns regarding this update. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you need assistance.

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