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Update 3.0.135: Streamlined Shifts and Job Detail Management

Release 3.0.135 introduces quicker access to shift information and improved filtering options, increasing job management efficiency.



In our relentless pursuit to enhance the efficiency and usability of our platform, we are proud to announce the release of Version 3.0.135. This particular release emphasizes smaller but crucial improvements alongside several bug fixes. Here's an in-depth overview of the changes:

New Features

Job Detail Page Enhancements:

  • Collapsable Portlets: Now, when you open any of the collapsed portlets on the job detail page (such as Requirements and Descriptions), all similar portlets will open as well. This ensures efficient access to information without any unnecessary clutter.
  • Shift Information: Details regarding the amount of shifts, travel duration for shifts with transport, and other essential information are now included in the job detail.

Emergency Email Improvements:

  • Shift Worker Information: Emergency emails about empty shifts that are about to start now contain the number and list of signed up workers. This eliminates the need to log into the application to check for missing workers.

Attendance List Updates:

  • Filtering and Transportation Wages: You can now filter the attendance list by worker payment method/contract, and the list will also contain information about transportation wages.

Calculations and Worker List Enhancements:

  • Sub-Totals and Worker Filtering: Calculations with multiple jobs now include sub-totals for each job. Filtering workers assigned within an order, job, or shift has been made more accessible, with shortcuts available on the order and job details pages.

Search Functionality Improvement:

  • Phone Number Lookup: It is now simpler to lookup workers by their phone numbers in the main search field within the toolbar, without needing to type "t" at the beginning.

Bug Fixes

  • Builder Updates: Fixed an issue with selecting nodes after performing a search, ensuring only nodes matching the search are selected. A new option to "Select all positions within..." and an "x" button to clear the search field have also been added.

  • Sorting Shifts by Duration: Shifts in calculations are now sorted by duration, from shortest to longest, ensuring consistency with the builder.

  • Improved Agency Theme Settings: Better descriptions for uploading logo files in different sizes are now provided.

  • Shift Movement Capability: It is now possible to move shifts into other jobs containing closed shifts, overcoming previous technical limitations.

  • Exporting and Scrollbar Fixes: Issues related to exporting calculations with overtime from the job detail, the horizontal scrollbar covering the last line of the builder content, and scrolling and selecting multiple days at once on mobile devices have all been addressed.

  • Batch Contract File Uploads: The bug restricting batch contract file uploads to one file at a time has been fixed.

  • Shift Change Email Update: Emails notifying workers about shift changes now contain specific information tailored to each worker's position instead of generic shift data.

These carefully considered changes reinforce our commitment to delivering a user-friendly and efficient platform. We strongly encourage users to update to the latest version to benefit from these improvements. Should you have any questions or require assistance with this update, our customer support team is readily available to assist you.

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