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Update 3.0.105: Improved SMS Interface and Enhanced Profile Attributes

Release 3.0.105 boosts SMS response and profile attribute management capabilities.



We are excited to announce Release 3.0.105, encompassing several enhancements, minor improvements, and essential bug fixes. Here is a detailed overview of the changes:

New Features

  • Direct Reply for SMS: The SMS list now features a button for direct replies, streamlining communication with your contacts.
  • Profile Attribute Management: Handling profile attributes has been made more user-friendly. Descriptions have been updated, and professions are now selectable using checkboxes, allowing for a more intuitive selection process.

Minor Fixes

  • Uniform Feedback List: The feedback list in the worker profile has been updated to contain the same data as the full feedback list, including complete information from the starting to the ending period.
  • Proper Labels in Job Adding Form: Titles of tabs in the job adding form now display proper labels when creating new copies, specifically including the shift name and date.
  • International Phone Number Formatting: Phone numbers on invoices are now presented in an international format, including appropriate prefixes, ensuring clarity and standardization.
  • Role Renaming Issue: A problem that hindered role renaming has been fixed.
  • Payout Method Limitation: Payout methods listed for workers in the dialog for adding a new item into the wallet are now restricted to only those methods that the worker has an actual contract for.
  • Self-Recovering Deleted Shifts Fix: An issue that allowed self-recovering deleted shifts in the client view when adding a job before submitting the order has been resolved.
  • Night Effect Problem Resolved: A problem related to the night effect when no time rounding is used has been addressed.
  • Overlap Label Issue in Builder: Issues with overlapping labels in the builder were identified and have now been fixed.
  • Enhanced Company Search by Tax Number: Searching for a company by its tax number when adding a new company now displays proper error messages if an error occurs, aiding in more efficient error resolution.

These enhancements and fixes reflect our continued commitment to delivering a robust and user-friendly platform. Should you have any questions or require assistance with this new update, our support team is readily available to help. Thank you for your continued trust and use of our software.

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