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Update 3.0.101: Extended CSV Export and Enhanced Price Effects

Release 3.0.101 supports broader CSV export and introduces team-based price effects.



As part of our ongoing commitment to improve and refine our software, we are pleased to announce the new release of version 3.0.101. This update includes several enhancements and fixes designed to make your experience even more efficient and user-friendly.

New Features

  • Export Shifts to CSV: Users can now export a list of shifts (including upcoming, passed, running, etc.) into a CSV file for easier data management and reporting.

  • SMS Message Count Display: For greater transparency and control, the amount of SMS messages to be sent is now displayed below the "Send SMS" form.

  • VAT Percentage in Descriptions: The text description "VAT" now contains the percentage amount in calculations and price quotes, offering clarity in financial documentation.

  • New Price and Wage Effect: We have introduced an effect that adjusts prices and wages based on team size and the amount of hours worked (per block of hours), enabling more dynamic financial management.

  • Email Functionality for Shifts and Jobs: You can now send an email to all participants of a shift or a job with a newly-added button, streamlining communication within the platform.

Minor Fixes

  • Visibility of Hidden/Locked Shift Indicators: Indicators of hidden or locked shifts are now displayed in the list of empty slots, enhancing shift management.

  • Proper Favicon for PDF Files: When PDF files are opened in browsers, they will now display the proper favicon, improving visual consistency across the platform.

  • Problem Resolution with Badge Generation: We have resolved an issue that caused the application to crash during badge generation if there was a company with a long name.

  • Application Crash Fix for Multiple Shift Copies: A fix has been implemented for a problem that caused the application to crash when attempting to create multiple copies of multiple shifts at once.

  • Translation Fixes for Empty Document CMS Values: Corrections have been made to the translations of empty document CMS values, ensuring accurate language representation.

These updates reinforce our dedication to providing a robust and user-centered experience. As always, we encourage you to reach out to our support team with any questions or feedback regarding these changes. Thank you for your continued trust and collaboration.

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