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Update 3.0.100: Filter Email History and Customize Document Settings

Release 3.0.100 lets users filter email history and personalize document settings.



We are thrilled to present to you the latest software update, Version 3.0.100. As always, our focus is to improve your experience and streamline operations. Here are the features and fixes we have introduced in this release:

New Features

  • Email History Filtering: You can now easily filter by user email within the history of sent emails, simplifying search and tracking tasks.

  • Enhanced Document Settings: In the document settings, there's a new option tailored for billings and price quotes. Agencies can now decide if they want to include the contact person (be it from the client or admin side) as part of the address on these documents.

  • Declining Avatar with Comment: When declining an avatar, you now have the ability to include a comment. This comment will be part of the email notification sent to the worker, ensuring clearer communication about the reason for declination.

  • Streamlined Attribute Approval: When you're approving an attribute with an expiration date, the action is now executed within a modal dialog. This change provides admins the ease to set the expiration directly, eliminating the need to open the worker's profile separately.

Minor Fixes

  • Internal Item Pricing: When adding an internal item in order invoice items, the price is automatically set to 0. This ensures consistent entry and eliminates potential errors.

We remain committed to continually refining our software to meet your needs. We encourage any feedback you might have, and as always, our customer support team is here to assist you with any questions regarding this update.

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