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Update 3.1.100: Streamlined Attendance Tracking & Enhanced Agency Settings

Release 3.1.100 introduces settings for phone number visibility, default requirements for applicants, and improved attendance notifications.



Release date: November 8, 2023

We're excited to announce the release of version 3.1.100, marking another milestone in our journey to streamline agency operations and enhance user experience. In this release, we've focused on providing more control to agency administrators and improving the reliability of our platform. Here’s what's new:

New Features

  • Enhanced Phone Number Privacy: Agencies now have the option to hide the phone numbers of staff members from the Lead worker. This setting enhances privacy and gives agencies greater control over information sharing.
  • Default Applicant Requirements: We've added a new agency setting that enables the "Applicants must meet position requirements" option by default. This ensures a higher standard of applicants for each job posted.
  • Upgraded Attendance Notifications: The attendance watcher feature has been improved. Now, when an invited staff member confirms their attendance, notifications are sent out. This update ensures better communication and organization for events.
  • Contact Picker Sorting: The sorting of the "Add record" button in new forms contact picker is now more consistent, streamlining data entry and organization.


  • Exporting Companies Fix: We've resolved an issue that was preventing the successful exporting of companies with certain fields.
  • Creating Past Shifts: Administrators can now create shifts in the past within the new job form, offering more flexibility in scheduling and record-keeping.
  • Form Validation Error Scrolling: When validation errors occur in the new staff member form, the viewport now scrolls automatically to those errors, enhancing user experience.
  • Access Control Links: We've fixed problems with some links not displaying correctly according to ACL settings, ensuring a secure and organized platform.
  • Builder Error Message: An error causing a red message to display below a green one in the builder when moving multiple nodes has been fixed. Despite the functionality working, this fix clears any confusion.

We're dedicated to continually improving and expanding our platform's capabilities. Your feedback is invaluable in this process. If you have any comments or need assistance, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team.

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