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Simplify Your Workflow with Direct Send Features in OnSinch

Save time and share calculations, accreditations, PDF timesheets, and attendance overviews directly from the app. Make your workflow quick and efficient.



We're excited to introduce new features to make your administrative tasks easier and your communication more effective. You can now manage your core documents directly from the app without needing to download and save them elsewhere. Here’s an overview of what’s new:

Direct Send for Calculations

Enhance client interactions with quick and transparent sharing of calculations and other financial documents. With the new "Send" button, you can create and send calculations without ever leaving the app. 

Key Benefits:

  • Enhanced Client Interaction: Keep clients updated with immediate document sharing.
  • Simplified Workflow: Send calculations directly from the application without the need to download.
  • Customizable Reply-to Address: Use a different reply-to email address for sending calculations.

Direct Send for Accreditation Documents

Now, you can email accreditation documents straight from OnSinch. This feature saves time and reduces administrative effort by eliminating the need to leave the app.

Key Benefits:

  • Time Efficiency: No need to manually download and email documents.
  • Streamlined Steps: Reduce steps and minimize the chance of errors.

Direct PDF Sharing for Timesheets & Attendance Overviews

Managing timesheets and attendance records just got easier. Send these documents as PDFs directly from OnSinch, moving us closer to a fully integrated order communication system.

Key Benefits:

  • Efficient Communication: Quickly share timesheets and attendance overviews with your clients.
  • Consistent Documentation: Ensure all records are shared in a consistent, professional format.

Communication History Widget

With the new ability to send various documents directly from OnSinch, we’re introducing the comprehensive Communication History feature. It provides a complete list of all messages sent via OnSinch, including details like sender, recipient, subject, attachments, and full message body. Every sent document is also recorded in the History & Comments timeline for easier management and review.

Future Enhancements

This is just the start. We aim to make it possible to send all necessary documents directly from the app. Future updates will include more customization options, such as the email subject and body. Stay tuned as we continue to enhance the OnSinch platform. We’re dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to succeed.

Transform Your Workforce Management with Direct Send

Experience the Direct Send feature to build trust, ensure accountability, and enhance efficiency in workforce management. Set a new standard with improved accuracy and operational efficiency. Contact us today to learn more and request a free demo to discover how OnSinch can transform your workflow.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Direct Send feature in OnSinch?

The Direct Send feature allows you to send calculations, accreditation documents, PDF timesheets, and attendance overviews directly from the OnSinch app, streamlining your workflow and saving time.

How does the Direct Send for Calculations work?

The "Send" button in the calculations tool lets you create and email financial documents directly to clients without leaving the app, enhancing client interactions.

Can I send accreditation documents directly from OnSinch?

Yes, you can email accreditation documents directly from the app, reducing administrative effort and saving time.

What are the benefits of direct PDF sharing for timesheets and attendance overviews?

Direct PDF sharing simplifies managing and sending timesheets and attendance records, ensuring efficient communication and consistent documentation.

What future enhancements can we expect for the Direct Send feature?

Future updates will include a comprehensive history log and a customizable reply-to email address for sending calculations, providing a more integrated communication system.

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