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Update 3.2.15: New Email Automation & Client Portal Enhancements

Release 3.2.15 offers new email automation for staff reminders, client portal snippets, and expanded financial tracking features.



Release Date: April 24, 2024

New Features

Inactive Staff Member Email Notifications

To keep your team engagement active, we've introduced automated email reminders for hibernated and non-verified staff. Customize the to two new email templates to reach out regularly (up to 10 times per user) to inactive staff, nudging potential candidates towards completion of their profiles. Remember, moderation is key to avoid overwhelming your team members, and they can always manage their notification preferences and unsubscribe.

This functionality requires setting up a new Scheduled tasks which is a little tricky so please reach out to our support team to set it up.

Client Portal Snippets

Borrowing a popular feature from the Staff portal, we're bringing snippets to the Client portal. Initially, enjoy three new snippets: two on the Client dashboard and one on the New Order page, enhancing information access and usability.

Direct Send for Calculations

Streamline your financial communications with a new "Send" button in the calculations generation tool. This allows you to email documents directly to clients without having to leave the application.

This is only a first step of a longer journey - next steps will include full history log of what was sent, when it was to whom and by who. Also we plan to add another reply-to email address so the calculations can be sent out from a different email address.

Staff Member Finance Widget

Finance widget in the Staff member profile includes overview of all active contracts even if their balance is zero (which was not the case until now).

Multiple Edit in Closing Form

Based on the user feedback we have remodeled the multiple edit in the new Closing form. Instead of the modal window there is now a toolbar that appears after clicking on the checkbox (either on a user level or on a shift or position level). This toolbar offers actions to edit all selected data at once.

Enhanced Pricing Accuracy

We've added an extra line for rounding in price quotes and calculations where necessary, ensuring your financial documents are precise and clear.

Support for Danish Bank Accounts

Danish bank account support added.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed errors with non-translated role names in certain languages.
  • Resolved sorting anomalies in wagelist transport records.
  • Improved clarity in error messages within pricelist editing.
  • Fixed visual bug in builder when editing multiple shifts that have different description and choosing which description to use.
  • Enhanced error reporting for contacts in the new job form.
  • Improved performance of the place selector in the new forms.
  • Boosted performance of the Staff member portal.
  • Invoice items with decimal places are no longer force-rounded to a whole number in calculations.
With these updates, we continue to refine our platform to better serve your needs and improve the daily operations of your business. As always, we value your feedback and are here to assist with any questions or additional support you may need.

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