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Update 3.1.92: Introducing the Revamped Company Form Interface

Release 3.1.92 debuts a fresh Company form design, ensuring a more intuitive and user-friendly experience.



Release date: September 13, 2023

We are delighted to unveil the latest update, version 3.1.92, steering our platform towards a more user-centric direction. As with our tradition, we prioritize the seamless user experience, ensuring that every upgrade aligns with your expectations and needs.

Optimized Company Form

In a continuous bid to elevate user interaction, we're introducing the new and improved Company form. The form, now available in an "opt-in" state, gives you the flexibility of retaining the classic view or testing the novel design for a superior experience.


Bug Fixes

  • Enhanced Readability: We've ensured that readonly dropdowns no longer showcase a text cursor, thus refining the visual clarity.
  • Sticky Submit Button: With usability in mind, the Appointment form and other newly launched forms now come equipped with a sticky submit button, eliminating the need to scroll. This feature ensures that saving is merely a click away, no matter where you are on the form.
  • Submission Check: To further streamline operations, forms will halt submission if a file is in the process of being uploaded. This ensures data consistency and prevents potential discrepancies.

With this version, we aim to perfect your workflow by delivering meticulous enhancements and solutions. We genuinely value your insights and suggestions. Should any questions arise or if you'd like to provide feedback on this release, our support team is always at your beck and call.

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