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Update 3.2.3: Introducing OnSinch Scheduler: Visual Workforce Management

Release 3.2.3 unveils the OnSinch Scheduler for simplified staff and attendance management, alongside wallet and contract enhancements.



Release Date: January 31, 2024

OnSinch is excited to introduce its latest update, Release 3.2.3, which focuses on enhancing organizational efficiency and user experience. This update brings significant improvements and new features to streamline your operations.

Introducing the OnSinch Scheduler: A Visual Workforce Management Tool

Key Features:

  • Filter by Staff and Attendance: Quickly identify available staff and manage attendance with our new filtering options.
  • Drag and Drop Staff Scheduling: Effortlessly assign shifts with a simple drag and drop action directly in the calendar view.


The Scheduler, currently in its Minimum Viable Product (MVP) phase, offers a comprehensive overview of schedules, including shifts, events, and appointments. We're excited about its potential and are working on further enhancements, such as color-coded shifts and customizable view settings. Your feedback is invaluable in shaping its future development - please reach out to our support directly and let us know what you think!

New Features

  • Wallet Transactions Enhancements: The Wallet transactions page now features a Summary widget, offering a clearer overview of filtered data, similar to our Invoices page.
  • Improved Wallet Detail Composition: Experience a more intuitive display of wallet details (especially when using effects and tags modifying wage by percentage).
  • Notification for Early Transport Time Changes: Admins are now alerted if the transport start time is adjusted, ensuring paid travel time accuracy.

Warning for Administrators when transport has unexpected times not matching the Shift setup

  • New Payout Method: Introducing a generic calculation method for adding/subtracting a percentage to payouts.
  • Contract Template Personalization: Now include profile attributes in Contract templates for greater personalization.
  • Push notifications: Notification about shift changes can now be sent via the new Push notification channel.

Bug Fixes for a Smoother Experience:

  • Resolved sorting issues in the closing form.
  • Removed mandatory email field in the Staff member form.
  • Enhanced mobile display of the closing form.
  • Fixed Company form value-saving glitches.
  • Addressed inactive pricelist defaults in selected companies.
  • Corrected timepicker defaults in the Appointment form.
  • Refined Attendance column calculations in Staff statistics.
  • Improved rounding of arrival and departure times.
  • Enhanced admin access level security.
  • Fixed supervisor name visibility and Company form invoice defaults.

OnSinch is committed to continual improvement and values your input. We welcome your feedback on Release 3.2.3 and look forward to enhancing your experience with our platform.

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