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Update 3.2.9: Geo-Location Clock-Ins & Streamlined Client Reporting

Release 3.2.9 introduces geo-location for staff clock-ins, payout method changes, improves client timesheet access, and refines scheduler functionality.



Release date: March 13, 2024

We're excited to unveil our latest enhancements with version 3.2.9, aimed at improving the accuracy and flexibility of our platform for administrators and clients alike. This update brings pivotal features and essential fixes to further refine user experience. Below are the key highlights from this release:

New Features

  • Geo-Location for Staff Clock-Ins: Elevating the precision of staff clock-ins, this feature utilizes GPS to verify the employee's presence at the designated location. Each site is configured with a specific radius, and upon clock-in, the system assesses the staff member's GPS coordinates. A warning is issued if the clock-in occurs outside the allowed area, which is then visible to administrators in audits and the shift closure. The GPS accuracy and any reasons for location discrepancies (if provided by the user's device) are also recorded. In the future, this feature might be enhanced by supplying other means of check-in like a scanning of a QR code or even an NFC chip.


  • Payout Method Modification: Flexibility is further extended to administrators with the ability to alter the payout method for attendance directly from the job detail view. This adjustment aims to accommodate the dynamic needs of staff and management efficiently.

  • Client Timesheet and Attendance Downloads: In an effort to streamline operations and communication with clients, we now offer the option to download client-specific timesheets and a CSV list of attendance directly within their orders. This feature enhances transparency and operational ease. Should there be a need to restrict this capability, adjusting role access is straightforward with our support team ready to assist.

  • Enhanced Scheduler Usability: Addressing feedback, we've ironed out several kinks in the scheduler and introduced 'Saved Views'. This feature allows users to save, name, and even share pre-configured views with teammates, streamlining the scheduling process significantly.


  • Shift Closing Form Adjustments: We've ensured that shifts without attendance are no longer submittable and that manually overridden wages now accept decimal numbers.

  • Admin Staff Member Form Correction: A fix has been applied to prevent the unintended reset of a staff member's nationality within the admin form.

  • Company Default Tags: The issue preventing the removal of the last default tag in the new Company form has been addressed, ensuring smoother company setup and customization.

These updates are a testament to our commitment to enhancing functionality and user satisfaction. We look forward to your feedback and are here to support any questions or assistance you may require with this release.

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