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Update 3.2.4: Enhanced UK AWR Compliance & Usability: OnSinch's Latest Innovations

Release 3.2.4 introduces an AWR compliance checker for the UK and numerous user experience enhancements, addressing key issues.



Release date: February 7, 2024

In our continuous effort to provide more value to our users, we are thrilled to announce the rollout of update 3.2.4. This update brings forth pivotal enhancements tailored to improve compliance within the UK market and to refine the overall user experience. Below, we delve into the specifics of what this update entails:

New Features

  • UK Agency Worker Regulation Compliance Checker: We've launched a sophisticated compliance checker aimed at the UK market, simplifying adherence to Agency Worker Regulations (AWR). This is particularly valuable for businesses working with umbrella companies, as it allows for AWR compliance checks across a consortium of companies, ensuring comprehensive compliance oversight.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements
  • Account Manager Assignment Automation: Addressed an issue where the new job form failed to automatically assign the company's account manager by default, streamlining the job creation process.
  • Admin Dashboard: Fixed a limitation that prevented adding multiple Size position widgets to the Admin dashboard.
  • Scheduler Improvements: Implemented multiple minor improvements and fixes to the scheduler, boosting its reliability and user friendliness.
  • Job Note Editing: Restored the functionality allowing inline edited notes in job details to be saved using Ctrl + Enter, enhancing editing efficiency.
  • Onsite Presence: Resolved issues affecting onsite presence functionality for admins.
  • New Company Form: Updated the New Company form to support adding multiple CC invoice emails separated by commas and introduced a default client option, facilitating easier company setup and invoicing.
  • Expired Attributes Page: Marking multiple expired attributes as read caused error when viewing different page than the default one.
  • Standby Creation in Builder: Effects are no longer copied to Standby positions when adding Standby using the purple "Add standby" button in builder. If you wish to copy the position setting, use "Copy" directly while for creating a new Standby with the same time use this button - it will automatically add all the effects which are set up to be created automatically for Standby position, as if you would be creating a new Standby position manually.
  • Weekly Schedule Effect: Weekly schedule effect fixed for calculating with short Shifts under a fix wage.

This update underscores our commitment to not only adhering to regulatory requirements but also to enhancing the usability and functionality of our platform. We believe these improvements will significantly benefit our users, particularly those navigating the complexities of the UK market's regulatory environment.

As always, we welcome your feedback on this release and are here to assist with any questions or support needs. Let's continue to streamline your operations and ensure compliance together.

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