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Update 3.1.95: Enhanced Timesheets & Refined Payment Method management

Release 3.1.95 debuts refined Timesheet features, updated payment settings, wallet filtering, and salary bonuses.



Release date: October 4, 2023

We are proud to roll out the enhancements of version 3.1.95, crafted to offer agencies and staff members heightened flexibility and precision in their operations. Let's delve into the new additions and improvements:

New Features

1. Timesheets Update: Agencies can now include names of staff members in the Timesheet PDF during document generation for opened positions.

2. Improved Payment Methods Management: We're introducing a suite of advanced payment method settings to offer agencies granular control over staff remunerations:

  • Contract Wage Limits: You can set monthly and yearly wage caps. If active, staff won't be able to join positions that breach these limits.

  • A new agency setting called "Enforce contract wage limits" added to turn these settings ON: if active, staff members will not have the option to join a position with given payment method (contract).

  • Another new related agency setting is called "Hide contract selection for staff members when signing up for a shift". If turned ON, staff members will not be able to choose payment method during shift sign-ups. Instead, the first suitable payment method will be chosen automatically based on the new setting of the individual payment methods which is called "Order (sort priority)".

  • Last new setting is called "Automatically switch contracts during shift closure when overdrawn". In scenarios where a payment method surpasses its limits during shift closure, the system now proactively switches to an alternative method. Agencies will always be kept in the loop via notifications detailing the changes and the specific staff members affected.

3. Wallet Record Enhancements: Users can now conveniently filter wallet records based on specific shifts, offering improved overview and export possibilities.

4. Bonus Provisions: During shift closure, agencies now have a dedicated field in the second Budget step, allowing them to award separate bonuses.

Public API Updates

1. Enhanced Places Errors: We've augmented error messaging related to SlotLocation to foster clearer understanding and seamless debugging.

2. Position Export: 'Profession' can now be included as optional data in the Position export.

Bug Fixes

We've made several tweaks to the New Job form, improving element focus, dropdown sorting, and adding more tooltips. Plus, contacts in the New Job form will now save as expected.

Your insights drive our evolution. Should you have feedback, questions, or require any assistance, our committed team is always at your service. Dive in and explore the enriched capabilities of this release!

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