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Update 3.1.99: Enhanced Snippet Management

Release 3.1.99 brings new snippets and better snippet sorting and multiple fixes increasing the application usability and stability.



Release date: November 1, 2023

Introducing version 3.1.99, with a focus on practical improvements for both administrators and staff members. Here’s what’s new:

New Features

  • Snippet Updates: New snippets in the Payout request dialog, Dashboard (for verified users), Profile view, and Profile attributes edit. Snippets are sorted logically and titles are clearer.

  • Invoice Number Integrity: We've added a simple check to make sure invoice numbers don’t have spaces, avoiding potential issues.

Bug Fixes

  • Invoice Items Sorting: We've made sorting of invoice items consistent across job detail, invoice, and calculation. We’ll be adding a feature for manual sorting of invoice items soon.

  • Dashboard Display: The dashboard will now show applicant capacity, even if no one has signed in.

  • Payout Update: Fixed an issue with payout method rotation.

  • Admin Account Issue: Removed a problem related to deleting admin accounts linked to applicant assignees.

  • Transport Text Fix: We've corrected the order of the words for transports there & back.

  • Dropdowns: Made sure dropdowns that create new records work the same across all forms.

  • Avatar Upload: Fixed a problem preventing company avatar uploads.

  • Job Form Refinements: Addressed several visual and functional aspects in the new job form, from setting default values for arrival times to refining text and visual elements.

  • Location Fix: Resolved a crashing issue when adding locations from the ban lists page.

  • Appointment Copying: Copied appointments in the new form will now use the original dates.

With every release, we aspire to offer robust, user-centric solutions. We treasure your feedback and warmly invite you to share your views on these updates. Should you need further clarification or support, our dedicated team is ready to assist.

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