Product Updates

Update 3.2.23: Performance Enhancements

Release 3.2.23 improves performance, enhances scheduler notification visibility, removes old forms while addressing key bugs.



Release date: June 19, 2024

New Features

  • Improved Scheduler Notification Placement: The scheduler loading message has been relocated to the bottom of the screen. This adjustment aims to minimize unnecessary interruptions, allowing you to maintain focus on your tasks.
  • Deprecated Old Closing Form: We've removed the outdated closing form.

Bug Fixes

  • Consistent Shift Time Adjustments: Time of shift end in new job form is no longer moved when changing the beginning to be consistent with builder and the old job form (this does not apply if the beginning is later than the end - in this case, the entire shift is moved).
  • Performance Optimizations: Addressed recent slow application response times with performance improvements across the application. More updates will follow in the coming weeks to ensure continued efficiency.
  • Badge Editing Issues Resolved: Fixed a bug that prevented editing badges.
  • Focus on Newly Copied Shifts in Builder Tree: Newly copied shifts will now be automatically focused immediately after creation, enhancing usability.
  • Transport Pricing in Calculation PDF: Resolved issues where transport priced at 0 was still appearing in the Calculation PDF when a shift was closed by the crew chief.
  • Transport Pricelist Display: Fixed the transport pricelist view issue that showed the price as "without fee" if the rate was equal for drivers and passengers.
  • Email Attachment Reliability: Resolved issues with email attachments not being sent.
  • Default Applicants Number: Fixed the issue where the default applicants number was not being set for positions created via the Client portal.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to improve your experience and enhance the functionality of our platform. We look forward to your feedback and are always here to assist with any questions or concerns.

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