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Update 3.2.22: Staff File Uploads and Transport Enhancements

Release 3.2.22 enhances staff file uploads, CSV exports with transport times, and various bug fixes.



Release date: June 12, 2024

New Features

  • Staff File Uploads: Staff members can now upload files as attachments to shifts, provided the option is enabled in the agency settings. With the new "Allow staff to upload documents to shifts" setting, staff can add attachments to any ongoing shift. Additionally, the "Amount of days, when staff members can upload files" setting controls the duration for which this feature remains available.

  • CSV Export Enhancements: CSV exports of Attendance and Wallet records now include transport times, providing more detailed and comprehensive data for your records.

  • Old Staff Form Removal: The outdated Staff form has been removed to streamline the interface and improve user experience.

  • Transport Time Adjustment: When the transport "there" time is adjusted forward, the transport "back" time will automatically move the day forward, ensuring accurate scheduling.


Bug Fixes

  • Ongoing improvements in application performance.
  • Resolved the issue of application slowdown when adding multiple staff members directly from the Job detail page.
  • Fixed the problem with contract additions and removals not appearing in the Staff member History timeline.
  • Corrected the display issue of supervisor phone numbers.
  • Addressed the incorrect view settings loaded in the Scheduler upon first opening by an admin.
  • Fixed the misdisplay of transport wages in the new Closing form.

These updates are part of our commitment to enhancing your operational efficiency and user satisfaction. For any questions or assistance, please reach out to our support team.

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