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Update 3.2.20: Transport Role Switch & Customizable Client Reply Email

Release 3.2.20 integrates switchable transport roles and an enhanced attendance overview for better job and order management.



Release date: May 30, 2024

New Features

Switchable Transport Roles:
Admins can now switch transport roles before the shift closing process. This can be done in the job detail, scheduler, or attendance builder, allowing for easy role changes among drivers, passengers, or assigning no transport to specific staff members. Staff can view these roles in the shift detail, provided the agency settings allow visibility of colleagues within the same shift.

Expanded Attendance Overview:
A new type of attendance overview PDF has been added, providing comprehensive job/order contact information. This feature ensures that you have all the necessary details at your fingertips for efficient job management.

Customizable Client Emails:
You can now customize the "Reply" email address for client communications, such as invoices, calculations, and other order documents sent from the application. When the recipient hits "Reply" within the inbox, the communication will be automatically sent to this email address.


Bug Fixes

  • Scheduler Confirmation Messages: The scheduler now includes proper confirmation messages after actions such as adding staff to a shift.
  • Position Title Error Messages: Improved error messages are now displayed for invalid position titles.
  • Communication History Fixes: Resolved the issue where manually sent emails were not showing up in the communication history.
  • Danish Bank Account Profiles: Fixed the problem with manually creating new staff profiles with Danish bank account details.

These updates are part of our ongoing commitment to delivering a robust and user-friendly experience. We welcome your feedback and are here to assist with any questions you may have.

Thank you for continuing to trust us with your event management needs.

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