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Finances and order management

Sinch features help you to manage the core aspects of your company’s finances to make your everyday work easier. Generate price quotes and issue invoices with one click. Keep track of overdue payments with bank account synchronization. Set up customized price lists and wage lists, pay your workers out en masse, and more.

Order calculation and invoicing

Price quotes

Readily create and send price quotes to your clients when you receive inquiries.

Detailed calculations and billings

Send calculations and billing details to your clients at any time during the order process.

Invoice generation

Generate invoices and send them to your clients with one click. See a full history of all your invoices, download them in CSV format and upload them to your accounting software.

Pro forma invoices and credit notes

Easily create pro forma invoices and credit notes for your orders.

Automated invoice delivery and payment reminders

Invoices are automatically sent to the client’s email with a PDF download link. You have the option to set up automatic reminders for unpaid invoices.

Payment tracking

Track all your invoices with the following information: amount due, date of taxable supply, and also whether the invoice has been sent, downloaded, and paid.

Worker wages


Each worker has their own electronic wallet, which lets you and your workers keep track of how much money was earned and paid out.


Choose how to pay your workers. Automatically send the wages at regular times or let them request payments at any time from their portals.

Financial statistics

Sinch gathers all the information in the system and shows a financial overview of your selected date range.

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