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Client database

Sinch allows you to keep a clear overview of all of the companies and clients you work with. Their contact details are always up to date, you can keep track of all their orders and transactions, generate invoices, send messages, reminders, and more at any time, easily.

Detailed client profile

Build and keep an up to date client database with details about their history, orders, and finances.

Client portal

Allow regular clients to place and check their orders via their client portal.

Order calculation and invoicing

Detailed calculations and billings

Send calculations and billing details to your clients at any time during the order process.

Invoice generation

Generate invoices and send them to your clients with one click. See a full history of all your invoices, download them in CSV format and upload them to your accounting software.

Automated invoice delivery and payment reminders

Invoices are automatically sent to the client’s email with a PDF download link. You have the option to set up automatic reminders for unpaid invoices.

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