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Workforce management

Manage your workforce with an extensive set of features that allow you to efficiently build, manage, and monitor your workforce, regardless of its size. Sinch is primed to manage thousands of temporary workers.

Worker database

Detailed worker profile

Build and maintain a complex worker database with complete information about your staff. Find all you need in the workers' detailed profiles with all the necessary data, contracts, and employee's history.

Customizable profile information

Get all the information you need to know about your workers by creating and filtering attributes, e.g. certificates, driver’s licenses, car availability, experience, and many more.


Ensure your workers are reliable. Rating is a number from 0–100 that reflects a worker’s reliability and experience. It can determine their wages and is one of the main criteria for applying for work. Workers gain ratings by attending shifts on time and lose it when they break rules.


Track your workers’ experience and skills through accomplishment badges that can be acquired based on various criteria, like working for a specific client, at a specific venue, etc. Let your workers have some fun collecting badges with this clever gamification system.


Keep track of all the necessary paperwork. Define various types of contracts that are in line with your country’s legislation and rules to keep arrangements in order.

Worker portal

Workers can sign into Sinch through their own portal where they can update their profile, sign up for jobs, and see their wallet.

Worker registration

You don't have to create a new profile manually each time a new worker starts at your company. Just let them register and fill all the necessary profile information themselves. You just approve it afterward.


Make sure you and your workers keep track of how much money was earned and paid out through their personal electronic wallets.

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