Live Demo: OnSinch for Crewing

This Wednesday, February 7th, at 14:00 (CET), we're hosting a live demo of OnSinch, our app designed to revolutionize how the crewing industry thrives.



At the heart of OnSinch lies our commitment to understanding and addressing the unique challenges faced by the crewing industry. Our live demo will not only showcase the app's advanced features but also demonstrate how these tools can be tailored to meet your specific needs, enabling your organization to both reduce costs and boost revenue.

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Personalized solutions for crewing challenges

During the session, we'll take you through a detailed walkthrough of OnSinch's most impactful features, including:

  • The Scheduler: Simplify the complexity of crew scheduling with our intuitive interface, ensuring optimal assignment of tasks based on availability and qualifications.
  • Push Notifications: Keep your crew informed and engaged with real-time updates and critical alerts, directly through the app.
  • Grouped Shifts: Streamline the coordination of load-in and load-out processes, making it easier to manage large events or projects with multiple moving parts.
  • Skills Overview: Gain instant insights into the skills and qualifications of your crew members, allowing for strategic assignment to tasks and enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Equipment Certifications/Expirations: Ensure compliance and safety with easy tracking of equipment certifications and expiration dates, reducing the risk of oversight.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover how OnSinch can elevate your crew management to new heights. Register now for our live demo on Wednesday, February 7th, at 14:00 (CET) and take the first step towards unlocking unprecedented efficiency and productivity in your crewing operations.

The live demo will be conducted in English, and for your convenience, it will be recorded for later viewing in case you can't join us live.

What if I can't attend the OnSinch Live Demo?

We understand the demands of the crewing industry can make scheduling challenging. If you're unable to attend the live demo, don't worry! We're more than happy to arrange a personal demonstration at your convenience. This one-on-one session will provide you with a comprehensive view of how OnSinch can empower your crew management operations, offering a personalized experience to explore the app's capabilities in depth.

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