Worker Self-registration: Yes or No?

Just imagine. You get an order to fill thousands of job positions, simply offer them online, and just wait for the workers to sign themselves up. And that’s it. No complicated coordination and hours of phone calls and emails. With a system that allows worker self-registration for job positions, it doesn’t have to be a fantasy - if you know how to set it up and control it properly.

6 + 1 hacks for proper communication via your internal software

In the last blog post, we presented three key tips for effective internal communication. You might have taken a quick look on the internet and found a number of technological solutions that supposedly guarantee to help you. Now which one to choose?

Automate processes, not personal contact

Faster, cheaper, more efficient. The pressure on companies to automate is increasing. So how can one find the right balance in workforce management where personal contact is irreplaceable? Have a look at four principles that will help you to fully use automation without becoming a robot for employees and customers.

From employee to leader

Having good financial conditions and benefits is the basis, but keeping capable workers requires extra steps. Take a look at a few key rules on how to support employee motivation and how to easily make your company a desired place for current and future stars.

Be fair when evaluating temporary workers

It pays to set up the right evaluation system, even for temporary workers, whether they are freelancers, interns, or part-time employees. Only the right evaluation approach can assure that they will get the appropriate financial reward and motivation, and that you will have high-quality and reliable people who will want to regularly cooperate with you in the long run.

Crowdsourcing: Manage your projects effortlessly

How many hours do you spend looking for and contacting reliable employees for your projects? Are you wasting time on the phone and email to cover shifts and deal with constant changes? Try crowdsourcing. You simply offer the job online, workers apply for it themselves and it’s done.