Shameless saved 90% of time and 100% of nerves on administrative tasks

How one of the biggest crewing companies in Central Europe uses Sinch to handle 3,000 events per year.

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Shameless without Sinch

2 people

owners taking care of everything

€ 30,000 turnover

approximately, no exact data available

100 crew members

part-timers, mostly friends working occasionally

50% of time spent on routine tasks

Clients and crew members demanded changes again and again and again. This resulted in never-ending email forwarding, changing orders, modifying attendance, updating payrolls, and of course staff micromanagement. Life’s too short for this kind of stuff!

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Shameless decided to design a web application for the real needs of the crewing business

Meet Sinch. The app is built for the industry and offers unique tailor-made features for short-term work management. Scheduling, list of available workers, notifications, attendances, price quotes, billings, feedbacks, ... it is all there.

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Shameless rocketed after 5 years of using Sinch

2 owners + 3 coordinators

organized and delegated work

€ 1,729,163

exact statistics, nearly 60× more than 6 years ago

over 1,000 proud crew members

at over 3,000 events per year

Coordinators spend their time on real business

  • Brand awareness
  • Team Buildings
  • Handbooks for the Crew
  • Specialized Training (lighting, rigging, forklift operating)

What is this crew they coordinate?

Stagehands, roadies, steelhands, scaffolders, riggers, forklifts drivers, stage managers, runners, wardrobe assistants, production assistants.

What types of events they coordinate?

Concerts, live shows, festivals, roadshows, tours, conferences, performances, sport events, corporate events and many more...

The company has grown financially while employees focus on what matters!

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Matěj Štěpán

CEO Shameless

Sinch - Sinch image

,,Managing more than 1,000 workers at 3,000+ events per year would normally be a job for 20 people. With Sinch, we manage everything with 3 coordinators! Thanks to Sinch, we became the no.1 stagehand provider in the Czech Republic.”

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Welcome to the 21st century. Cars fly into space, rockets land by themselves, robots flip burgers and you are using smart software which effectively manages the stage crew for you!

Too busy to improve? Use Sinch!   +44 7418 31 01 31