Sinch is the reliable assistant for your hostess agency

You don't have to turn everything upside down. You can still use messengers, emails, and phone calls if you wish. Sinch helps you nevertheless.

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The ultimate solution for hostess agencies

Most hostess agencies rely on a personal approach. As most of the communication happens individually, this often results in performing the tasks manually. It does not matter if you are a small agency with just a few events per month or a huge agency managing the biggest events in the country. There is a way to be personal and automate activities at the same time. Meet Sinch.

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Sinch simplifies your work in several areas

Self-care database

Hostesses register via the system and can perform any changes in their account. The agencies keep an updated database with no effort.

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Resolved GDPR

Sinch offers full GDPR compliance. The agencies do not need to keep any data in their systems and deal with GDPR.

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Automated work management

Order placement and shift planning are performed entirely in Sinch. The agencies do not have to send inquiry emails and respond to them accordingly.

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Care-free payments

Billing and wages happen at the click of the button. Nobody needs to keep track of time and dates and check the hostesses’ reports or type of contract.

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Smooth invoicing

Sinch takes care of invoicing hostess agencies’ services. The accountant data is always correct, so agencies do not have to correct anything at the Tax Office.

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Sinch saves 90% of your time spent on administrative tasks

Because of its features, even a small agency can reclaim dozens of hours a month using Sinch. And the bigger the company is the more time it saves.

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Nikola Dudlová


Our biggest problem was the disorganized tables. We often overlooked something, forgot or wrote it elsewhere. Sinch gave us a clear overview. I believe the bigger the company, the more they need Sinch for data organization. In the past half year, there are about 110 active users registered in our system, to whom we offered approximately 100 projects to participate.

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  • 100+ active workers
  • 100+ events a year
  • 1 coordinator
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Mgr. Ivana Dupalová

Founder, CEO,

Sinch has made it easier for us to register new hostesses and speed up and simplify the way contracts are signed. We’re now billing and sending payouts with one click. Thanks to Sinch, our hostesses have constant access to both our offers and the amount of their earnings with their data updated on their profiles. Sinch has also solved the GDPR issue and is available on any device! logo | Sinch
  • 1,000 active workers
  • 1,500+ events a year
  • 500+ clients
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