The OnSinch Overview: 2021 Edition

The OnSinch Overview: 2021 Edition

January 31, 2022

As 2021 has come to a close, we’re pleased to share an overview of all things OnSinch. With another year behind us, and the variety of experiences that came along with it, we look forward to what the future holds. We find ourselves feeling grateful for the opportunities we’ve had, the partnerships we’ve made, and most importantly, the daily dedication of our team. It’s been another unpredictable year, and we couldn’t have done it without all of you! Thank you.

New Clients and New Countries

First and foremost, we’d like to express our gratitude to all of the new clients that we’ve welcomed this year. Nothing pleases us more than being able to deliver our services and support through our beloved brainchild that we call OnSinch. This platform has revolutionized how we work and manage our tasks, and our motivation to share these benefits with all of you is only growing. Who would have thought that OnSinch would have such an impact in the Czech Republic but also provide support to people around the world?

we are in 10 countries


Although we have existing clients in the United Kingdom, we’re happy to expand the OnSinch family in familiar territory. This past year we welcomed Splendid, an event staff company that proves the individual characters who bring an event to life. In addition, Bubble Food is one of the most recent clients to implement OnSinch. They are known as the couture of event food design, creating visionary spectacles that engage and excite guests and delight clients. Their team consists of chefs, led by a Michelin star-trained Executive Head Chef. Hundred Strong and also RodeO Event Production Services joined up, adding to the growing number of UK companies that we’re happy to support!

Spain & Italy

The Five Star Group is a Spanish event company that has provided staff for Crew, Security, Training, and Projects for more than a decade. We look forward to supporting them in ensuring that all of their clients’ experiences are seamless. Another of our southern counterparts is Next Event that began using OnSinch this past year as they continue to help their customers realize their dreams of creating the perfect event to enhance the image of their companies.

UAE & Qatar

As part of our farthest reaching clients in the UAE & Qatar, we welcomed Solusta. They are one of the leading talent agencies in Doha because of their consistently high-quality customized solutions for their clients. BM Events, another new client, has supplied some of the largest events and gatherings in the GCC region. The staff that they provide is handpicked and their work is of the highest standard in the hospitality industry.

OnSinch Volunteering

This past year brought another unprecedented amount of uncertainty, and at times, hardship for many groups of people. By now, we’re all too familiar with the impact that the event and service industry has been dealing with. So, to both combat that challenge and help provide aid and assistance, we’ve begun engaging with the volunteer sector. Some of the organizations that we’ve partnered with may be familiar, and others may be new to you. Either way, we encourage you to check them out:

The Czech Red Cross has been a member of the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent since 1993. It works mainly in the field of humanitarian, social, health, and health education with over 15,693 members and 613 employees.

Assistance, a Czech volunteering organization since 1995, provides social services to approximately 250 people with physical and combined disabilities each year. Their programs all share a common goal: to support a free and independent life in a normal environment.

Armáda spásy (the Salvation Army) has been registered as a civic association in the Czech Republic since 1990. Their goal is to provide physical, social, moral, and spiritual support for people of all ages who find themselves in a difficult life situation or for those who seek any spiritual support. Over 1000 disadvantaged people use their services every day.

Spolu silnější (Stronger Together) initiative was founded by General Pavel in the spring of 2020. Initially launched as a fundraiser to help people on the front lines of the epidemic, Spolu silnejsi has now taken on the task of finding ways to ensure better crisis management in the Czech Republic, in part through active citizenship and volunteering.

DCUL has been operating in the Ústí Region since 1999. By cooperating with various organizations and institutions, they build conditions for the functioning of volunteering opportunities such as mentoring programs for children and youth, promoting seniors, patients in hospitals, and people with physical disabilities.

What Else in 2021? Vlna pomoci & The Crewing Association

Vlna pomoci

Vlna pomoci is a non-profit initiative that digitizes volunteering and connects non-profit organizations with volunteers. What is more, OnSinch founders helped establish this project in collaboration with our close colleagues from the industry. We are honored to be its main partner and guarantor. Some of the bright moments we shared with Vlna pomoci during the year involved participating in a video podcast ( Blesk), having articles written about us ( CZECHCRUNCH, Proti šedi, Pozitivní zprávy, Charger, and Forbes) , and giving talks on one of our favorite radio stations ( Radio 1 ).

The Global Crewing Association

Another important achievement in 2021 was OnSinch becoming a technological partner of The Crewing Association. This is a worldwide event crewing association that aims to find solutions for common issues and to share know-how. What we all have in common is that we live and breathe for cultural events. From the smallest clubs to giant stadiums, from opera houses to rowdy festivals, the Crewing Association’s mission is to share best practices and know-how, provide community support, and create high standards for the industry.

OnSinch Has New Worker UI and Features

New UI

OnSinch is constantly developing and advancing and 2021 also saw the addition of some great new features as a result. We’re extremely excited to have released the New Worker UI which is more user-friendly and dynamic. The Reimbursement feature was added to easily compensate workers for gas money, food money, or supplies costs. We’ve also implemented the Job Applicants option for workers to select the job they want, which is then sent to an administrator for approval. Another big addition is the Composite Cards which are custom-branded worker profile cards that contain selected information and/or photos.

There are also several more important new features in addition to the few that we’ve highlighted, so come take a look around!

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