Worker Self-registration: Yes or No?

Worker Self-registration: Yes or No?

May 12, 2021

Just imagine. You get an order to fill thousands of job positions, simply offer them online, and just wait for the workers to sign themselves up. And that’s it. No complicated coordination and hours of phone calls and emails. With a system that allows worker self-registration for job positions, it doesn’t have to be a fantasy - if you know how to set it up and control it properly.

How self-registration works

Self-registration is an excellent tool to further automate and streamline the crowdsourcing of temporary labor. You publish the requested positions in your system, make them available for self-registration online, and offer them to relevant employees. They then choose when and where they want to work, and apply for the job.

The right technology is key

In order for self-registration to work smoothly and really save you time and nerves, you need to have technology that enables you to work well and reliably with it.

Easy access for workers

First, your employees must have access to the system. It is therefore ideal to choose a cloud service that allows access from anywhere and does not require any installation or administration from users.

Absolute control for you

Does the candidate need to speak Finnish? Should they have a specific driver’s license? Do they need to be able to walk on stilts? The exact specification of positions is up to you, but the system must allow for this flexibly, no matter what business you do. Precise settings for positions and their conditions will give you the certainty that only the appropriate employees can apply for them.

You can’t do without an up-to-date database…

The system is only able to properly link offers with suitable candidates if your database is sufficient and up-to-date. A good tool provides your employees with simple, fast, and user-friendly registration, and completion and profile management. It automatically reminds them of the expiration of certificates, the need to fill in new attributes, and most importantly, actively offers them relevant job positions.

…and quality workers

Are you afraid that despite setting strict criteria, you will not be able to monitor the quality of employees? Sophisticated skills assessment and monitoring systems will have your back. Try rating or badges, and even if the system handles recruiting automatically for you, you can always keep the right of veto and check the registered employees manually.

Self-registration not only saves you time and resources, but it gives your employees freedom and improves work-life balance. Learn how to use this future trend properly today with OnSinch!

Self-registration with OnSinch will make your life easier without compromising the quality of your work. Try it for free!

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