Client portal: Why you need it today

Client portal: Why you need it today

April 22, 2021

For companies, interaction with clients is key. How can you keep it at a high level without wasting time and money? Use a client portal. It will improve your customer relationships and bring a number of benefits to your business, many of which can be especially appreciated in the current pandemic situation.

What is a client portal?

A client portal is a private web interface that provides a secure interaction between two parties. For example, if you use internet banking in your private life, you have a client portal. You do not need to call or go to the bank every time you make payments or edit data. You log in from home with your login name and password, and you can conveniently manage your finances. The client portal not only offers the same comfort to your corporate clients but here are its other main benefits:

The luxury of self-service

Client portals usually live in the cloud, so they are accessible anytime and anywhere via the Internet. Clients can place and manage orders themselves, search for information and history, and view and download invoices with a few clicks right from their own device.

Always in touch

The client portal does a great deal of customer support work. Clients will no longer need to call you again to change their contact information or send an invoice. All of the information is transparent and at your fingertips. You, on the other hand, stay in the picture thanks to the announcements. Has your client just submitted a payment online or downloaded an invoice? You know straight away.

Better relationship with the client

Client portals should make work easier for clients not only through their functionality but also with their user-friendliness. Quality solutions, therefore, offer the possibility to tailor the portal to individual needs. Adapting menus, contacts, or information channels according to the client’s requirements should be a necessity. Clients choose their own functions that reflect their interests and preferences, and in the end, they get a much better and more relevant service.

Your data is safe

Modern client portals (especially cloud portals) use the latest technologies to ensure the security of your data. SSL encryption, firewalls, virus protection, VPNs, and other features ensure that information is only available to authorized people. Such protection is impossible with e-mail or traditional post.

Saves time and money

The client portal solves most routine tasks automatically. It minimizes the cost of phone calls, processing orders and hourly reports, sending invoices, and customer support staff. Your client care is effortless and you can focus on more important tasks.

The client portal will take relationships with your clients to a new level. Interactions will be simpler, more efficient, and safer. What is more, you gain a competitive advantage without spending a fortune.

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