6 + 1 hacks for proper communication via your internal software

6 + 1 hacks for proper communication via your internal software

March 17, 2021

In the last blog post, we presented three key tips for effective internal communication. You might have taken a quick look on the internet and found a number of technological solutions that supposedly guarantee to help you. Now which one to choose? How much will it cost? How to manage them all?

Before you entrust everything to an external agency (“just in case”), focus properly on the tools you most likely already have. A properly set up internal software will often do much more for you than an expert team of specialists. In addition, it will save you time, nerves and money. So what tweaks must a quality internal system have, and how to use them in practice?

1. Email management

You can’t do without simple email management. Use handy templates to automatically send emails to confirm registrations, activation codes, profile photo approvals, shift changes and other routine events. You can send personalized emails directly to individual employees or teams.

2. Newsletters

Via a good internal system, you can also manage all of your newsletters. You can select and filter any recipients and predefined groups, see the history of all sent newsletters and drafts, and get information about whether the newsletter was read simply, from your own personal account.

3. SMS gateway

Thanks to a functional SMS gateway, you can communicate with employees immediately. Easily send an SMS on behalf of your company, and have a list of all sent messages and delivery notifications on hand.

4. Notifications

Set up the software so that important messages are displayed to employees in one place and they see them immediately. The familiar icon with a bell and a number in the upper right corner is the safest way to go. They will know straight away how many new alerts have been added since their last login.

5. News

Do you need to convey a crucial message that your employees must not ignore? Write a news article that pops up right after they log in to the system. You also have the option to require confirmation or consent - which is necessary if you change working conditions, for example.

6. CMS: Content Management System

CMS allows you to flexibly manage all of the content in the software (if it is an application, corporate intranet or a program), whether you want to add text, links, images or videos. An ideal way to share new documents, work procedure guides, help section articles, or FAQs in various formats. The information is always on hand and easy to find.

+ Don’t forget push messages (notifications)

Connect everything important from the internal software with push notifications - short messages that appear on the desktop of a computer or phone, even if the employee is not logged in to the system. They will immediately know about all the news and they will not miss anything important.

Think about what is better to communicate by email, SMS or notification. A clever software must offer you enough options to get information to employees through the right channel. With a software that deals with various roles, offers a familiar environment and communication in one place, you will handle internal communication with no problem.

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