Automate processes, not personal contact

Automate processes, not personal contact

February 22, 2021

Faster, cheaper, more efficient. The pressure on companies to automate is increasing. So how can one find the right balance in workforce management where personal contact is irreplaceable? Have a look at four principles that will help you to fully use automation without becoming a robot for employees and customers.

Start with an analysis

There is no universal ratio between automation and personal contact. First, thoroughly analyze the specific opportunities and benefits for your own business. Ask questions. How good are your employees and customers with technology? How much time will you spend on training with the new system? What do you expect from new technologies? Which processes are easy to automate and which really pay off? Each company needs a different mix, make sure to find the right one for you.

Where it pays off to automate

In general, routine and structured processes are ideal candidates for automation. Working with data, IT user management, backup, information transfer and high-volume activity such as accounts, invoices and payments. Here, automation really speeds up and simplifies your workflow and also eliminates human errors.

Automatic personal contact

The great advantage of automation is that it can process an almost unlimited amount of data in real time and immediately react to key events. That is ideal for sales teams and marketing, where you need to constantly keep an enormous amount of balls in the air while only paying attention to the relevant ones. This is exactly what automation can do – continuously sort opportunities and pass on the most promising ones at the right time.

A human touch still takes first

Although personal contact is expensive and time consuming, for many it remains a guarantee of the highest quality and responsibility. Therefore, even if you decide to automate as much as possible, always keep the opportunity to meet face to face. A human touch is indispensable when technology fails, and in relations with investors, workers and clients.

With reliable automation, you will be able to focus only on what is really important. No more nonstop phone calls and unresolved piles of paperwork. You will be able to devote yourself productively to management and business. In short, you will have time to create quality human relationships that will make you stand out compared to the competition.

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