Referral program: An elegant solution for recruitment

Referral program: An elegant solution for recruitment

February 3, 2021

Your headhunters are constantly in the field, HR is running at full speed, job portals are swallowing up your money, and the result: only a few new employees with a low level of dedication. Sadly, there is still no magic solution for recruitment. However, you can dust off the seemingly oldest and most common channel - recommendations; or rather, referral programs as they are more often referred to these days. Dress it up with a modern coat and it can bring you up to half of a new company’s crew with a little extra in the pocket.

Why have a referral program:

  • Your employees know the company well, so they naturally select candidates who fit in and stay longer.
  • A referral program allows you to address even those who are not actively looking for work at the moment.
  • Your employees become brand ambassadors.
  • The team is formed from the “bottom - up” as the employees participate in the creation of their own team which helps create a positive corporate culture.

Five steps to set up a referral program correctly:

1. Offer a meaningful reward

Don’t just rely on financial bonuses. Find out if your employees would like an extra day off or a voucher for a specific activity. Don’t skimp on rewards; it pays off when compared to traditional recruitment channels.

2. Communicate, inform and update on all fronts

Regularly remind employees of the possibility of referrals and make descriptions of new positions freely available. Inform them in a timely and open manner about what the situation is with their candidates.

3. Make the program user-friendly

Set the conditions for receiving the reward as simply, clearly, and not too strictly as possible. Actively communicate and organize an informal recruitment meeting where candidates can meet the team, for example.

4. Praise, appreciate, and say thank you

Let those who bring in new recruits know, officially and publicly, that you appreciate their help. You could even award medals or badges for the highest number of recommendations.

5. Use the digital age to your advantage

Integrate a Referral Program into your social media and internal systems where you can easily share and monitor offers, communicate directly with employees, and give rewards quickly.

You can set up and use a comprehensive referral program in OnSinch with a few clicks. Try it for free!

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