4 Unconventional tips on employee motivation

4 Unconventional tips on employee motivation

January 6, 2021

We present four unusual tips that will take your employees’ motivation to the next level.

1. Give space for creativity

Even the creative content of work can sometimes be boring when it is repeated over and over again. So give your employees the opportunity to break out of their own work bubble. Do they take photos? Offer them the opportunity to contribute to corporate social networks. Does anyone have an unusual hobby? Let them organize a thematic teambuilding with the given activity. Are you looking for a logo for a new product? Announce an art competition. You never know where the right idea will come from.

2. Offer courses and career growth

The ability to plan a career and the feeling of a guarantee of a long-term perspective in the company is one of the key criteria for choosing a job for employees. In addition to compulsory education, organize training that is not directly related to their current professions. Personal development courses and the possibility of gaining further specialization are in great demand. Give them the opportunity to attend workshops or meetings with people in the field who can inspire new ideas and motivation.

3. Play

Involve gamification in your motivation system. Do you know the game of badge collectors, for example? You will reward your employees with a badge or medal for work for a specific client, in a specific place, or for a special skill. Who wouldn’t want a message board full of honors? For you, it is also a great indicator of their experience and skills.

4. Use the referral program

If you manage to have motivated and capable employees, follow their recommendations when looking for new ones with referral program. Allow them to recommend newcomers and reward them after a certain number of successful jobs. In addition, your employees will be happy to work in a team with acquaintances and friends.

A successful company cannot be built without satisfied employees. Give them space as a leader for contentment and satisfaction and use both your and their potential to the fullest.

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